Did god create the universe?

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  1. did any body catch this show on tv lol it was on 6 differant stations?
  2. I never even saw it advertised... I can only guess what it's about.
  3. This sums up the show:

    If you believe God is the ultimate creator of the universe, then you do not believe in scientific theory as it stands today. (A quote from the show, I watched it.)

    They way they prove it, time never was before the big bang exploded and began when it did. So the black hole just always was, and nothing created it.
  4. Last time I checked, I created the universe. So did you, so did the guy above me, so did your pets, and all life on earth.
  5. I was watching air jaws 2 then that bullshit came on so I said fuck yo couch niggha and watched the original Rambo. That liked the shit outta Stephen hawking and his bullshit.
  6. No, I created the universe...Took roughly a week.:cool:

  7. Define God and no, they explained it pretty much to the point everything has a fundematal law and you don't need a God for that so no.
  8. no no everyone knows chuck norris created the universe with his beard trimmings.
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    I just don't know but i heard that....
  10. There have been universes before us and there will be after us. God willed it, but science is how it happened.

    My take on it anyway, one day our universe will stop expanding and start to shrink. When we go back to a little speck, it will start all over, I believe in a supreme being.

    I believe time travel between universes is impossible, but within the universe is possible.
  11. this was on while i was at work. caught a little bit of it. nothing mind blowing. same old shit people have been talking about since the beginning of time.
  12. watch a series called spirit science on youtube. Be ready to get mind fucked.

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    potency420, I'm sorry, that video was absolutely fucking retarded.

    maybe the dude had some wisdom about not caring too much about shit, but straight up, that whole deal of derp dee derp dee doo things are connected so there's a whole spiritual world that science doesn't want to investigate is complete, and utter horse-shit.

    Here's the 'scientist' he claims is being ignored by the rest of the scientific world.
    Masaru Emoto - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    There's a very, very good reason why scientists don't touch spirituality. IT'S NOT SCIENCE.
    goddamn 'spirit science' is like the biggest contradiction ever. You really should listen to the garbage people spew out before you believe them blindly and get 'mind fucked' by them.

    edit: the speaker's voice really pisses me off for some reason.

  14. Ughhh... now I've gotta go watch all those! I just wish that annoying little voice was different.
  15. I didnt create the universe but I was able to fit 2 of every animal on my boat. Don't worry though i had enough food for every animal and i was able to keep the peace on my big ass boat.
  16. A lot of people like posting really retarded things on here its pretty sad and annoying to think thats how you get peoples attention.
  17. Think deeply to the very very first day, how did things just appear out of nothing. What was there 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 years ago, no one will EVER know. People need to give this a rest, we'll never ever know.
  18. the idea of God, states that he created the universe....

    there can't be the universe and then God. it just doesnt work that way... negates the idea of God/Creator
  19. ^ this

    creationists like to be stupid because they'll go 'oh yeah, well where did the universe come from? then introduce god as some sort of solution.

    It's a logical fallacy called special pleading. Something can't come from nothing, but god is an exception 'cuz he's just really awesome or sumthin.
  20. Answer to the thread title: No.

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