did dxm for first time

Discussion in 'General' started by el-producto, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. i did some dxm yesterday for the first time and it really sucked. yeah i got pretty fucked up off of it but i threw up all the cough syrup a few hours after drinking it. i dont see why or how someone could do this recreationally. doesnt even make you feel too good
  2. it has different effects on people... my friend took like 500mg of pure dxm his first time and jus got real sick and passed out, i almost passed out from 250 my first time but i personally liked the feeling n it led to this crazy ass chain of events. but yea, different for different people.
  3. If you would like to try it again (not recommended) without the horrible taste of cough syrup & without nausea, I would suggest Robbitussin Coughgels. they come 20 to a bottle and a bottle costs about $5. Each pill contains 15 mg. DXM, and NO other active ingredients. The high seems to be clearer, and 20-40 pills will provide a good trip.

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