Did Disney try to brainwash my generation?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by pweent, Apr 22, 2002.

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  1. When I was a kid, I used to watch a lot of Duck Tales. Every episode had Scrooge McDuck swimming through his gold, or searching for treasure, or visiting his Banana Republic.

    And what was with Tail Spin? The ruthless but benevolent corporate oligarch, Shear Khan, ruling over the 1930s New Deal island utopia that is Cape Suzette.

    Hey kids, greed is good!
  2. I saw those cartoons they suck their so boring anyway greed is good it drives you to succeed
  3. Greed harbors evil, if you ask me! There\'s a fine line between greed and taking what\'s yours and passing along the basket, and I think humans balance it only TOO often...

    I never read into the Disney movies or cartoons that much, I always thought they were harmless, and entertaining... (I admit, I pay $1 extra so I can get ToonDisney so I can watch Quack Attack at night)... But maybe you\'re right, maybe it\'s subliminal propaganda!

    I need to go find a big pool of gold coins and swim around :D
    hee hee hee
  4. i\'d sure believe theres some corporate brainwashing going on there. Welcome to the U.S.A. where every day is about fattening your pockets right?
  5. I\'m in a class at school called The Art of Walt Disney. I\'ve learned so much stuff about Disney that you wouldn\'t believe! The wholesome image that is portrayed by their company is a farce.
  6. in Aladin(spelling?) and in the little mermaid there are two things that are pretty bad... in aladin one of the towers at the start is a penis and in the lil mermaid when the preist looks all disheveled at the end when the godo guy and the bad girl walk up to be married he has a boner and not a rumple of clothes but a real put there for a reason boner.... some guy was gettin fired and he put stuff in some of the movies or thats what i heard how they got there....

  7. I couldn\'t agree more if you are greedy then you will succeed trust me I know, look at how expensive everything you buy is WHY ???? cuz the people who run the company are greedy and that is why they are so big.

  8. Hey all but don\'t diss on the tale spinn sitting and just veggin infront of the TV. You know sometimes it made you laugh

  9. Expand like what

  10. ummm...does Pokemon\' Ring any bells?
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