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Did DARE make you angry?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Racer X, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. I started this post because I remember learing in school that if I smoked cannabis I would automatically use heroin within six months. I also remember that I was told to denounce people to the police if they used DRUGS, even if they were my parents. I remember being taught it was for their own good and that I could get into trouble for not turning them in. The police taught me this in public school.

    Basically I feal that DARE tried to teach me that my parents, grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins, and later myself had an inferior culture and that we should be thrown in prison to have our culture corrected.

    At first this made me depressed because I actually believed we were an inferior people.

    In later years this turned into anger as the police began to beat me and such for "looking like a druggie".

    When I studied at the university and got my masters degree in the theching of history and my BA in history and sociology and I extensively studied discrimination within education systems.

    The way they try to make us cannabis users seem inferior has happened many times in the past in the USA.

    The most recent was with native americans who were forced to assimilate to USA standards and give up their cultures and languages with the effort coming at school.

    I am pretty sure that latinos and blacks experienced similar occurances as they attended school but it is not as glaringly obvious.

    Does anyone else resent being taught that they and their families were inferior from DARE and other government propaganda?

    Do you resent that your kids are taught to turn you in?

    Can you think of any other examples of this happening before in the USA?
  2. i myself didnt go through the dare program. (they hadnt started it yet.)

    theres a huge issue going on right now about dropping the dare program alltogether.

  3. I never went through it either. But from what I hear, I really didn't miss that much. ;)
  4. i had a larger post about how one of my kids did take it,
    we had alot of talks about and i had to sighn papers for him to take it. before hand we explained that we were breaking the law a law that we didnt agree with but still breaking the law. he listened understood took his dare classes and told us all about "crack"
    he did get a t-shirt for all of his involvment, he gave it to me, its a nice nightshirt.
  5. I never had DARE when i was in school either..

    I'd say they stop 5 or 6 kids per school to never start using drugs..

    They Probably cause 50 or more to start..
  6. never took it......
  7. i remember taking dare. and i remember enjoying it only because of all the free shit they gave me. coloring books, t-shirts, wristbands. when you're in 5th grade, and a cop comes into the room with a gun and everything and gives you free stuff of course you're enjoying it.. you're a LITTLE KID. but now that i think back on it, i find it funny, because i know for a fact that my 5th grade teacher was a pot head. :p

    back to the point: i liked dare when i went through it, but now that i look back on it, it was half truths and lies. and yes, being lied to angers me.
  8. i understand what you are saying totally. i went through the whole dare program and they made me feel just like that. i am actually majoring in sociology right now so i totally understand where you are coming from and what you mean. and its bullshit that they try to brainwash us w/ all that bullshit and lie to us and not properly educate us because for those of us that our not weak minded people will understand what the truth really is and it just makes us lose all of our trust in police and all of law enforcment
  9. dare mad me a little mad i will admit the guy who taught it at my school was a complete doosh and to this day i still hate his guts the way mine was taught didnt really denounce everybody who used drugs,it just taught us how to avoid the situations we could be in to be using drugs and the effects of drugs,but yeah still it was all complete bullshit
  10. i was in the dare progam but i got kicked out for disrupting his speaches saying things like thats not true and shit like that lol because i knew it half or more wasnt true like they would say shit like you loose your friends shit i think you gain friends. but yea back to your question it doesnt really make me mad just laugh because it shows what assholes cops are..peace.
  11. i hate the american government and how its mind functions. unfortunatly america is not a free country propaganda is spread about race, sex, religion or social belief and then kids grow up beliefing it and imposing it on others making america look like a bunch of assholes :( it was worse in the past i think. but still its wrong what they try to teach and enforce im with ya buddy :)
  12. DARE was stupid. A bunch of bullshit.

    Drugs only become a problem if you let them. Learn from other people's mistakes.
  13. I went to 3 weeks of dare in 6th grade before moving to a state that had dare in 5th grade. Oh well. I didn't care for it when I was in it. Studies have shown that DARE has no effect either way on pot use. It just wastes all of our fucking money that we have to give to the gov't.
  14. If anything DARE got me more interested in doing it. We were kids. Didn't you always want to do what your parents told you not to?
  15. I had dare in 5th grade,I didn't smoke then.I use to just mess around with the cop and ask stupid shit.I remember asking if he ever shot someone,if he ever got in a car chase.It was fun because we didnt have to do school work for like an hour.
  16. I remember they made up this bullshit one day about how the DARE program was getting shut down...because of the need for more cops on the street. I thought it was pretty funny, because everyone was really sad and a couple people were even crying....and then he says just kidding...and said it was just an example of peer pressure or some shit..what a jackass...peacce
  17. "I'd say they stop 5 or 6 kids per school to never start using drugs..

    They Probably cause 50 or more to start.."

    i'm one of those 50 +.. i swear dare made me like at least 5 times more likely to smoke pot. and i had my fingers crossed when we had to swear to never touch drugs at the end of the program!

  18. lol that might make people want to deal because they see the cop got the car from a dealer so if you deal youll have some money :)
  19. we use my neices "dare" book to roll our joints...dare is is one more way to funnel money...
  20. ....I dont remember much about DARE...

    Not because of weed, but because how pointless it seemed at the time.....and it still does.

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