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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by TLF1088, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. Tonight was my fifth time doing coke. I don't do it very often. The four times before this were spread over two years. I bought a 50 piece tonight. It was my 21st birthday celebration. So I snorted it all up before heading into the bar. I felt absolutely great. This was my best time doing it I think. I definitely don't notice any physical addiction, but def. a little mental addiction. I want to feel that good again. I think I'll most likely go another 3 or 4 months before doing it again just to be safe.
  2. glad you had a good time and happy birthday

    never tried coke..i'm strictly weed, alcohol and e :)
  3. I would love to try E but it's impossible to find here. I never thought I would ever try coke. But two years ago I went to a girls house after a night getting drunk at a club, she was blasting The Doors, I was wearing boots and black leather pants and not shirt. She busted out some coke and we had us a grand old time. Ever since then it's been my guilty pleasure. I'd love to do it more often, but I'm terrified to get addicted. Better to play it safe than sorry with something dangerous like this.
  4. Yeah I'm interested in trying new stuff but I'm afraid I'll get addicted..
    I'm still having trouble quitting with cigs and being addicted to coke would be so much worse
  5. good job with being responsible. sometimes you can never be too safe. happy birthday as well. hope you had fun.

  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I always try to be responsible with drugs. Not just for my own safety, but because I don't want to contribute to hurting the cause of drug legalization.

  7. If it helps your decision any, scientist rank cigs more addicting than cocaine.

    I can't quit cigs either....not that I try.
  8. Nice to see you have some self control. Have fun and be safe brother.
  9. jus done coke this weekend too... didnt make a huge difference was was still a brill weekend....
  10. I definitely admire your self-restraint. Happy birthday!
  11. if i ever try some blow i'm going to show the same admirable restraint you have ^^ =) lol
  12. As it's been said before, I admire your responsible use of such substances. I too try to be responsible and keep moderation key, but meh, I guess I love drugs too much.

  13. thank you
  14. I want to try coke someday... how much would it take to get addicted? How many lines?
  15. lol theres no amount of lines that will def get you addicted. it affects everyone differently. If you have an addictive personality youll be more likely to get addicted. I mean, I did coke probably about 10-15 times in my life... at one point a few times in a month.. and never felt any type of addiction. yeah, it was fun and i wanted the feeling again, but never felt like i needed it.
  16. It good that you seem to have some self control,, coke is a slippery slope.
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    man you could increase your usage to 2-3 times a month and you will still have no problems.
    I used to use coke recreationally and at times me and my fries would do it 2-3 days in a row and then not for a week and we were fine. I dont do coke anymore because when i did it i felt it was a waste. $40-$50 a g that 2 people will kill in one sitting and you will feel great for 20-30 mins and then you feel like shit cause your high has died so quick. I can get an 1/8 of dank for the same price and it will last way longer. So i prob havnt done coke in 6 months but id still do a couple lines if it was offered to me by one of my buddies.

    edit: by the way i never found coke addictive at all, apart from while your coming down you want more because your high has gone so quick and u wana feel good

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