Did coke for the first time last night

Discussion in 'General' started by Stoooooner, May 21, 2006.

  1. It was our last night at school and my friend got a gram for 45 and we just split it, what the hell I wanted to try it. Well we had been drinking all day and were feeling good, picked up an eighth of skunk and the coke, I took one line, another about ten minutes later. My friend who's done a lot of coke in his days said this was some pretty good blow, I know nothing about it really. Anyways we had a bunch of people over drinking and playing beer pong, maybe 30 people I'd say.., and the music was blasting downstairs. I went down there and whoa it was awesome. Intense. Fun. Rush. Felt like a million dollars. I was chain smoking cigarettes for some reason and everything was just great. We kept blowing a line every 30-40 minutes or so, more after everyone left. It was one hell of a good night, tons of smoking and drinking with lots of friends, a good way to go out for the last night. I had a great time with coke, but it's probably something I won't do too often, only once in a good while. Now I'm chilling back home at my parent's house...
  2. sweet man, love to hear good skiing stories.
  3. coke is amazing lol. glad u enjoyed it, im breaking out a line right now
  4. only thing I'm afraid of is how to know when you've had too much? if you have too many lines, won't it just hit ya hard and get serious?
  5. lol done enough today to have misread the title as tried diet coke for the first time... :p

    mun not exactly its all mental

    worst I've gotten from dead stopping heavy use orally was sleeping 13 hours in a haze from the stimulant crash
  6. i can't drink anything diet, just yuck. but can ya answer my question since these two other experienced dudes are asleep? :p
  7. yup, i was lifted as all hell last night, and i didn'y buy any
  8. mundi, if its ur first time, i would do like a g in an hour. then dont touch anymore the rest of the night. well, thats what i like to do, but like 3 gs in 3 hours or somen like that, and ill only stop doing lines if my nose bleeds(never happened) lol. so i mean, its like weed, if u have had enough(not possible) you will know.
  9. The first time I did coke it was off some titties. I was 16 at the time and it was the one of the best moments of my year.
  10. That sounds fun.:)

  11. to be honst, lol, i wouldnt do this, just because id be scared to hell id lose some haha, but id say, put it on the mirrorfor me, then lets go to my room lol.

    oh wait, my 3 mirrors are in my room leaning against the speakers

  12. PLEASE tell me that you liked it afterwards
  13. cocaine body shots dude

    alcohol + coke followed by warming lube to rub the lost yay into skin and increase bloodflow so the bodyshot party gets a topical booze-caine rush
  14. ^^^sounds incredible, never looked at itlike that.

    my cocaine is sooo precious to me, after im done with a bag i go over every square inch of my floor looking for some i dropped lol, i ended up snorting some chipped off dry wall last night lol. Ask Tokinblue haha he watched me search last night, prolly thought i was losing my mind

  15. haha i know what that's like
  16. I felt so amazingly good for so long, every song sounded amazing....we didn't go to bed until 7:30am because we were just chilling, talking about the year ripping lines, smoking buds, and drinking beers long after everyone else left. We woke up 2.5 hours later at 10am to drive back to Chi. Good thing we had some dank headies and some packs of cigs to get us through that drive...haha. I definately want to blow coke again, but I'll probably wait a month or two, or maybe we'll get some the night we get back to school, that would be a little ironic ;) . I also want to start it much ealier next time, we didn't get the coke til 1am or so on friday.
  17. Emohnke, about how much did ya do that whole night?
  18. i didn't do a lot(my mistake) but i tried some too
  19. next time u come down ill get a larger quantity lol
  20. How long does coke stay in your system?

    I know acid is out in 3 days, but coke im not so sure about.

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