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Did Cannabis Do This To Me?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AleR, May 28, 2013.

  1. So after my first time smoking weed, I didn't notice this today but my body went into like a diet mode? You know how skinny people can eat a lot and they're still skinny because after eating they have to poop what they just ate. That's what's happening. I'm pretty tubby and usually when I eat, I don't have to empty my poop tank until like 2 days. But know its like whatever I eat needs to come out as soon as I'm done eating. Is this from cannabis? I'm not saying its bad I'm just wondering?
  2. It does increase your metabolism, but needing to go all the time sounds more like you're drinking a lot of coffee or energy drinks.
  3. Yeah, is you're diet when high different than your sober diet?
  4. yea its wiered
  5. For me it's similar, depending on the situation. Most of the times there will be no difference for me in diet, the munchies start to wear off after you got high quite a few times, atleast that's what happened to me. Anyhow, if I do smoke a strain that will give me the munchies, I too have different toilet rythims, but only if I eat unusually unhealthy or just a shit ton of food. I really wouldn't worry that much, in fact not worrying is a important thing when you get high, it ruins it. So just chill and unless you have pain / blood in the stool or any other "hard" evidence for something being wrong with you, I wouldn't worry about it too much.
    I always overthink shit like this and in the end I will think I really am sick. But worrying is really unneccessary because most of the times it won't be acute anyway and it will take days to be sure if anything is up with your body.
    Think about what kind of shit you have after a night of alcohol :laughing:
  6. I encountered this before, but if you're a normal skinny person then it might increase your metabolism. There hasn't been scientific research on this so I'm particular on this issue. 
    But you should know that THC stores fat cells under the influence so maybe the food you ingested was just unprocessed but the body didn't really pick it up until he was digested. So the question is: What did you eat that your body expected to be a nit-picker? 
    Here's an article I found with correlation to this:

  7. I'm skinny and usually after I smoke, the next day in the morning I shit so much
  8. Wow 2 days without shitting? Thats very unhealthy you should change your diet or smoke 24/7 so your bowel movements are better.

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