Did Anyone See SNL Last Night?

Discussion in 'General' started by RobHecht, May 28, 2006.

  1. it was fucking hilarious if you watched it high. i usually don't watch it but i couldnt stop laughing. i was eating goldfish and there was this part where one of the guys kept saying "jazz!" and i spit them all over my couch with intense laughter. and didn anyone notice that catherine zeta jones looked kinda fat/pregnant?
  2. Haha yeah man I hear ya! I burned a fat bowl of dank in my bong and I was toasted for the night - my tolerance is the lowest its EVER BEEN right now :hello: . I ended up just watching SNL too and eating Frosted mini wheats cereal. If i remember right they had a news skit on marijuana. I ended up passing out and waking up at 4 AM and it was still on! How long does that show go?

    You gotta admit Saturday Night Live is one of the best shows to watch while your stoned, next to family guy of course.

  3. HAHA yeah the "jazz" skit where she takes her boyfriend to a party full of dancers was hillarious...totally making fun of Fosse and Chicago and the like!

    I also noticed that she looked a bit larger....not by any means fat, but definitely looked different. I don't know, maybe she's preggers? She'd have to be at least a few months tho and we probably would've heard about it? Or maybe she's just holding her weight differently now that she has kids?

    Either way, that was one of the better SNLs lately! Catherine Zeta-Jones won't let ya down!
  4. SNL is getting worse and worse as the years go by.........

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