did anyone here about this (absolutely enraging!!!)

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, May 28, 2006.

  1. after i read this i was so angry. i don't even want to even want to start because my rant would be a few pages long of lots of expletives, exclamation points, and words comprised of capitol letters. so just read the link and get pissed off with me.

  2. How the fuck can pigs get away with that kind of bullshit. It sickens me to no end.

  3. eww that tape would be nasty. Is anyone going to listen to it?
  4. i tried the mp3 didnt work. now im sorta glad i didnt but ive seen much worse. my friend showed me a video of a US prisoner of ahl quida (sp.) who was beheaded with a combat knive. that shit was gruesome.the worst prat was once they cut through his throat he was bleeding horriblly and screaming through his throat. gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it.

  5. the man that was executed (i assume you are talking about nick berg) was executed by insurgents (or as some conspiracy theorists believe the cia).
  6. i casnt listen to it i tried but i get to easyily upset :(
  7. Im listening now.. Nothing has happened yet. I'll keep you updated over the next 39 minutes.

    6 Minutes. They're beating him now and have already threatened his life. They're now saying they'll take his kids from him. Hes almost screaming.

    11 Minutes, they're just about ready to hook his nuts to the battery now. They're pulling his pants down.

    Finished, All I have to say is they should have been sent straight to execution.
  8. that taping is so horrible.fuck the cops man.
  9. Damn... that tape absolutely ruined my high, gotta go chill outside for a smoke.
  10. are you serious? that shit brought my high up by like 5x
  11. I hate stupid cops. They should be killed.
  12. Dude, my thoughts exactly.
  13. that pissed me off so much. Next time i see a cop with a smug look on his face i swear i'm going want to punch his ass the fuck out.
  14. That russian kid od'ing on heroin was pretty bad.
  15. wtf, someone gave me a neg rep box for this thread that was just entitled, "fuck you"

    i don't understand why some people lack the balls to leave their name, just a neg rep w/fuck you.

  16. We call those people pussies. LoL

  17. i knew i smelled something
  18. yeah wtf i get neg reped so much for nothing. its rediculous
  19. This MP3 is discusting but its needs to be seen by everybody on these boards, Cops are dicks and alot of them dont play fair. This should teach us all that if ur going to smoke pot u need to know all about the legal rights u have so ur not tricked into stupid S*** by cops.
  20. The worst part is that this in Knoxville, TN. Where I live. However those officers were convicted.

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