did anyone else JUST see this?

Discussion in 'General' started by crystalbud, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. i just saw a report on channel 3 about how salvia divinorum contributed to a kids suicide in deleware or something like that, it said that people may do stupid things like jump out of windows because they think thwey can fly, first of all, it says that you should have a sitter with you to make sure you dont do that, second, they said it helped to make him commit suicide, now i understand that when your one and only child kills themself, its hard, but they showed a recent picture of him, and he was a total emo to begin with, just by looking at the clothes and shit he wore you could tell, they just wanted something to blame for it besides him, now its illegal in deleware.
  2. smart kids+ bad marketing= trouble

    sucks but what can i say, as long as i got green, im happy

    and ive done salvia many times
  3. Yeah the story was posted somewhere here a while ago. Ive never done salvia, but from what Ive read. Your trippin so hard that you wouldnt be able to kill yourself. I seen a video where I guy couldn't even make a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich. Shit he only got one cap off lol. So I dont see how someone could kill themselves while on it.:confused_2::
  4. tried the dried leaves...dint do much really. would like to try the extract for a trrip :)
  5. he killed himself by gassing himself with a grill inside a tent... pretty ingenuous he actually figured out a way to put himself out of his misery. his parents were never around. he had no friends and was really a social outcast. his parents werent around to get him help and they blame his killing himself on something he tried a few times and then quit. hes exactly the type of person that everybody hates. and his mother and father dont see why he killed himself and think it must be something that altered his mind... b.e.a.utiful BITCH.
  6. wow news to me. this is a big blow for salvia users, just a matter of time before ther are more laws on it. I have never tried it but plan to.

    if you do decide to get the extract from what i have read the 5 or 6x is the best and you should like one big bong rip and then just chill. There is a very good right up on salvia on another board i guess i will post it if i can find it.
  7. btw... this has been out for months... in fact i started a thread in the news section... a while back
  8. funny that something that last like 5 to 10 min maybe 15 min atleast for me will make somebody suicide thats i always believe there is more than meets the eye with case like this. they need to look further down the surface of these situations. and not just put 100% blame on something i dont know my 2 cents here. nevertheless its a very sad thing to happen.

    one love

  9. thats the point yum... it wasnt a contributing factor at all to his suicide... its his parents fault and they are too caught up in putting the blame elsewhere.
  10. This is just the way for the media to blow something out of proportion. Like crusher said, this kid was fucked up before using salvia; it didn't happen because of it. I've used salvia several times, and each time, I've had the most enlightening experience from it. If you abuse it, you will be hurt.
  11. but what im personally saying is that i was deeply depressed before i even used it.i had actually been planning how to kill myself. its a scary thought now that i look back but salvia helped me through it. magically i seemed to see things in a different light.. i am no longer depressed and i have some of the best friends and battle this when it hits pennsylvania
  12. Fucking dumbasses. emo kids should die anyway. Fuck all you emo motherfuckers. people like this gonna get my last legal drug sent to hell!!

  13. I'm glad you got better from the help of it :hello: . Salvia helped me through some family issues I had as well; it can be a great healing device when used correctly.
  14. fuckin emo kids i hate them
  15. I just took Salvia two nights ago, too. You'd have to be extremely unexperienced with drugs/psychadelics if you kill yourself during a trip.
  16. i agree with all of the above, but this statement especially can not be said enoguh, and i strongly agree with it "fuck emo kids"-fuck 'em
  17. If salvia becomes illegal elsewhere because of an emo kid ... riot ... revolution !!!

  18. Kid prob'ly did it too much and after a bad experince with no sitter. Just because some dumb kid with a fucked up life jumps out a window doesn't mean everyone will. The government likes to blame drugs when they're involved, and ruin the fun of people who do it responsably. I'm goin' to beat that kids ass in hell when I see him.
  19. it's been out for awhile and i haven't heard much being done about salvia since then, anyone else know if they're taking steps towards the criminalization of salvia?
  20. lots of states have paperwork right now going through the system to ban it... states such as tennessee and alaska and like 3 others are fighting with it right now. i know pennsylvania is gonna get hit soon and when it does ill be there.

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