Did Americans feel uneasy about fighting their own countrymen during the civil war ?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jeffersong808, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. I don’t get how they can be friends prior to the war and united.

    Then all of a sudden the south has their own army and uniforms and started attacking.

    Did they feel bad for fighting Americans ?
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  2. Really? Ask your sergeant. He'll probably smack you in the grill and tell you to drop and give him 20.

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    They wern't their countrymen one side being the north USA the other Confederates..

    Coming from a Russian, the southern states seperated from the north .
    for many reasons other than the obvious, then untied took on the north/...easy

    then er ...lost ..see to your education
  4. Nope, the government prepares you for war by portraying the other team as being evil demons who will rape your wife and eat your children.
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  5. What would the result be if America fought Canada again? Canada pretty strong country?
  6. 51 states.
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  7. I'm sure that some did and others did not.
    Is the concept of civil warfare new to you?
    It just seems as though there are so many examples...
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  8. But how can the Us beat Canada if they got whupped by King Kong and the Taliban
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  9. A "good" soilder has no freinds or family on the other side only who hes fighting with and for. Gotta seperate shit like that .war is war
  10. We’re a screwed up country.
  11. If we "invaded/attacked" Canada again, the White House would get burned to the ground like in 1812*. That was the British's response to the attack on the City of York in Ontario.

    * No I don't think that would happen again--I was joking.
  12. Who would win in a fight between Antifa and the IRA?
  13. The Irish Republican Army would wipe the floor. They know tactics, how to use explosives, and aren't afraid to die for their cause. And wouldn't hide behind a handkerchief.
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  14. lol ira no doubt you reckon they wanna come over and help us out
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  15. The thing is all this liberal shit that had infected the world, the IRA stand up to this shit. They run things not the British. The IRA have helped America out loads, after all the whole American war on terror we know is bullshit because it was America who gave funding, space, traiing and freedom to the IRA.

  16. This true my husband from Belfast an he has told me a lot about the IRA.


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