Dickhead friends.

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  1. Does anyone else here have friends that are total fucks and treat you like a dumbass when it comes to being high around them?

    Example. I went to the movies with a few friends, and i was really high. They all knew i was high.
    We are standing around in the lobby and they are all trying to freak me out and shit and talking way too loud and shouting things out like "Aww man how high are you?" and stuff like that. And even more annoying is my friends girlfriend who whenever she looks at me she can't help but laugh because i'm high, not just one but the entire night.
    I walk off to be alone cause i can't handle these jerks ruining my high. And the friend (who has the girlfriend) comes up to me and we start talking and i ask him how high i look in a mellow voice and he starts freaking out holding me telling me to calm down and stop freaking out and not even joking but seriously saying " Dude, just calm down. Stop freaking out, fuck man, just chill." And now i get really pissed off cause i am chilling out and he is the one freaking out over nothing, that doesn't help cause he is freaking out more and not listening. Fucking assholes ruined my night.

    Now not all my friends are like that, my best friend is totally cool, i can just blaze infront of him and he doesn't think differently of me at all.

    Anyway, post here if you have stories of your friends being dumbasses when it comes to you being high and ruining your good mood.
  2. NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, Get high with sober friends...EVER!

  3. Yeah you are right, but that friend who was going on about me freaking out has blazed with me before and seen me high a few times. But as i said, my best friend is awesome, he doesn't even care.
  4. The douche bag is just trying to look cool what to do you expect? This is high school stuff man.
  5. There are people like that. You generally come to realize over time that they aren't worth the effort of being friends. True friends wont judge you or try to make you feel bad about that shit.
    Bullshit, I've got mad friends that don't smoke that don't give a fuck how high I am.

  6. Yeah i kinda stopped hanging with them as much, i realised they were dirtbags, you should have seen the way they tried guilting me when i started smoking the herb. Saying that it will ruin my life and that i am a loser and shit. Fuck them.
  7. I have two really good friends, maybe i should cut my losses with the other ones and make some new friends.
  8. I agree, but reading at the OP's storyline it sounds like he's in high school, and this is typical high school kids.

    Difference between high-schoolers and mature adults.
  9. Thanks for helping guys.:D Anyones got stories to share?
  10. Haha i always hang with sober friends when im high, the trick is to not tell them your high. It's actually quite fun!

  11. wow, what a random first post. thats cool.
  12. honestly you need to step up and say chill the fuck out with that shit or im going to beat your ass.
  13. All of my friends don't judge me :p

    To my knowledge at least. The stuff you've described is pretty ridiculous. I'd cut them out of my life.

  14. I like your thinking and enthusiasm. But than once again they would all freak out and cause shit. Like when i first started smoking i was planning on doing it on a weekend coming up and one of my friends i have known for years overheard and told my mum which caused my mum to freak out cause she believes all the propaganda even though she smoked when she was young. And so i had to deal with a lot of shit from all angles. Needless to say, that friend, i fucking hate, she is a controlling bitch.

  15. maybe you and i should get together and just cut them out of their lives.
    jks jks

  16. Damn, I was actually feeling for ya up to this point, but really, you hating on your Mom?
    I understand yoou were trying to be honest to her but why?
    There are quite a few threads throughout the City to help you talk to her. A lot reference the Union, others show the medical benifit, etc.

    In reference to your "friends" you cold simply man up to them. Simple chit like " Guys, are you 3rd graders or what, back the heck off and let me enjoy our time togather".:smoke:
  17. I didn't hate on my mum, i said my friend was the controlling bitch. sorry if i didnt make that clear, but i love my mum, she is chill with me most of the time. sometimes she is horrible but hey not much you can do bout that.
  18. and like i said, i wasnt the one that told my mum. it was my friend.

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