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Dick sploof

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by MacGyverGirl, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Alright, I've got this sick idea. I'm sober I swear.

    1- Aqquire small rubber/latexy dildo, dryer sheets, and knife
    2- Cut/hollow out the dildo, but hollow it in cone shape so the hole at the tip is a lot smaller than by the balls/base.
    3- Stuff with dryer sheets
    4- Blow smoke through at the base/balls, thus making the tip ejaculate smoke

    Yes? :D
  2. this is a sure way to lose all masculinity
  3. You so horny long time
  4. Sick?..yes very...
    its christmas and your're thinking of dick sploofs....
  5. You just ruined my christmas
  6. you go ahead and do that...lmao...hope no one walks in!
  7. hahah odd but clever and creative
  8. Creative but I wouldn't be caught using one, I'd rather have a room smell like weed than use a dick sploof
  9. that sounds like somthing a 14 year old would do

  10. [​IMG]

  11. ^^^^^
  12. ^^^^^^^^
  13. stop thinking about dicks 24/7.
    bad idea.
    anything that has to do with a dick besides me shoving it deep in my girlfriend is lame.
  14. Yeah, anything that has to do with a dick beside's me shoving it in Purple Dream's girl is lame. :hello:
  15. Ahahaha! You can't make this shit up!
  16. am i the only one who thinks it's hilarious? my view might have been different if your name wasn't MacgyverGirl haha

  17. I would think that the fact that mcgeyverGIRL has tits and a puss would mean she already lost her masculinity.

    Why do people always assume it's a guy? AHHAHA
  18. Because 97% of the internet is guys except facebook
  19. hahaha this thread.

    Lol at the OP for thinking this up and then asking for advice about it on this site

    Lol at all the people who were like "way to lose your masculinity" without seeing that the name is macguivergirl

    at this point there are two options:

    1) if the OP is a troll (likely) then hats of to you, this shit is hilarious. And take pride in the fact that you were funny enough to make me waste my time.

    2) If the OP really is a girl who had this idea and is actually considering it, I Lol at you for thinking this might be a good idea and/or wasting money on a dildo to do this to it.
    I mean WHY??? Did you think that because the world has crack whores and meth whores it also needs weed whores, and you're gonna do your gosh-darned best to be one? You really lonely and already have more dildos than you know what to do with? Did you think it'd make you look cute? Cause that just ain't the case. I'm sure a girl blowing smoke out of a big veiny plastic dick with fucking unnecescary plastic balls attatched* is somebody's rule #34, but I'm not buying it. I understand if you don't like using 'em to masturbate with (not all girls do), but still, WHY????

    The only reason I can think of to make something like this is for a batchelorette party, and if you're having a batchelorette party, you shouldn't need a sploof, because you shouldn't be having one in a dorm room or the attic of your parents house.

    I just don't get it.

    *Another thing I don't get: why do they attach balls to dildos? Aesthetics? Bullshit. They ain't anything to look at, that's for sure, and it's not like they're doing anything on a dildo. Who needs that shit? It doesn't really help with holding it into a strap-on right, it's just stupid and in the way.

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