Dick Movie Guy Thinks I'm going to Steal

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  1. So I'm like most of you and I don't like paying $60 for a video game before I even play it. I went to my local video rental place which has become part of a large chain for rental stores over the last couple of years. My family has had an account there since 2003. We don't rent every single weekend...because thats pointless when we have I have Netflix.

    Anyway they have a pretty decent video game selection and seeing as how I've had an account there for almost 9 years and I've had an account at their other location for over a year I figured they would waive the ridiculous $20 deposit. I asked about it and I was rudely told that I haven't spent the required $250 in the store yet so I'll need to pay it. I argued that my family has been giving them steady business for 9 years. The nerdy control freak dude at the counter kept being a massive dick and claimed people had just been stealing the games and if I didn't want to pay a deposit maybe I was planning on doing the same thing.

    I'm a straight edge looking dude. Even some of my dealers early on thought I was joking the first time I bought from them. I've never stolen anything in my life even when it seemed like god was asking me to steal because of how easy it would have been. Soo...I'm thinking about just not returning this game. If he thinks I'm going to steal it anyway why not?

    Can they ding my credit if I steal this game? All they have is my first and last name, phone number, and PO box.
  2. lol, i dont believe your an idiot by any means...however ur on the verge of executing an idiotic action....

    chill out, calm down and jus play your video game...

    no need in risking something jus to prove a point to some random fool behind the counter
  3. Fuck it, if the guy was that much of a dick he, it was his way of asking you to steal it.
  4. Why prove him right?

    Don't steal.
  5. I know several people who have rented all of their favorite movies and just never returned. Most of them are college students who plan on returning to their home state eventually though hah.
  6. You're doing some stone-age stealing, now a days you download and crack games/mod consoles.
  7. If he pissed you off put super glue in the locks.
  8. If you mod an Xbox 360 Microsoft will ban your live account. Bam there goes $50 for a years sub.
  9. Well I'm just saying, this is some nerdy rental place cashier right? You end up not bringing the game back, he gets the satisfaction of saying he was right. I wouldn't give him that satisfaction.

    That's just me, I don't steal, I hate it. If I want something bad enough I'll have my friend go and steal it.

    Keep the game if you want, but then the nerdy know-it-all wins.
  10. HAHAHA good logic.

    This guy thinks I steal? I'll show him..
  11. Don't steal from that fuckin' scumbag lowlife. Let somebody else steal his second-rate shit.
  12. Do what several others have said... Return it.

    Don't steal it just cause the guy was an ass, it'll make him even more of a dick the next time you go in (plus you'd probably have to pay/return it then) seeing as you've had an account for 9 years, you'll end up going back sooner or later right? Prove the asshole wrong by being a decent customer

  13. Id just return it and ask to speak to a manager about the rude costumer service you experienced last time when you rented this game and it's making you think about cancelling your account with them after 9 years.

    May even walk out with some free stuff, because the customer is always right, and your clearly a very loyal customer :smoke:
  14. rental stores still exist?

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