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  1. Well let me begin by saying that one of my friends who ive known for about 2 yrs has been dickin' me out for the past few days and I eventually got fed up with his bullshit.

    So I called his ass up and told him I needed to get a sack through him cause my dealers were out(a setup). Since he never misses an opportunity for free bud, he jumped at the chance. Anyway, I pick him up and we get the bud. On the ride back I asked if I could pack a bowl in his pipe, he of course, accepted and I packed a bowl.

    Now normally I don't get satisfaction from being a dick, but this is an exception.

    I pack the bowl and and kill it right in front of his fucking face. When I finished it, I handed it to him like nothing had happend. I almost broke out laughing at the stupid look of confusion he had on his face. He was all like "WTF man I got you that weed." I told him to shut the fuck up and start being honest with me from now on. He didn't say a goddamn thing after that, he just shut up and stared out the window with the guiltiest look on his face.

    It really pisses me off when someone you know and have instilled some trust in lies to your fucking face. I tolerate alot of different shit but dishonesty in close friends is not one of them. I hope he learned his fucking lesson today and doesnt puss out on me, I still like the guy but he crossed the fucking line.
  2. Deff +Rep.

    Fuck some fake fools.

    Your like me, If somebody crosses the line you have to prove a point. I agree.
  3. Nice man you showed him well.
  4. so what made you do this?

    was he pinching when he picked up for you or something? if all he did was expect a blaze after he picked up weed for you, then id say you're a dick, but im sure theres more to the story...
  5. no one knows nobody.
  6. The thing is Ive known him for quite a while and were good friends and all, but recently in past like 2 weeks hes only been chilling with me when I buy or have shit to smoke. If I don't got anything, he makes up some lameass excuse about how he cant chill, BUT, if I happen to have some shit, hes over in a heartbeat. So I eventually got tired of his bullshit and had to set his ass straight.

    I'm not one to hold grudges so once he apologizes I plan on smoking his ass up to show him that I dont have anything against him for this.
  7. Those are the kids that you dont let know if they have bud or not, you just call them and ask to chill, wait for them to come over and if they want bud tell them you will go halfs on a 20 with him, if not tough shit buddy. If he leaves after that hes not your friend. hope this helps, ive know many people like that. peace.
  8. EXACTLY! thats how me and my boys do it. we always see if anyone wants to put anything on a 20sack, and if anyone doesent have any money, they can double up at the next purchase.
  9. Nice goin' man. I have a friend simliar like that i get calls from him "Dude drive me to Eaglerock(near LA) to pickup a dub". The stupid thing about this is that we live FAR from Eaglerock. So after taking his ass not only do i get no herb for giving him a ride but i get a "Later bitch thanks for the ride". Im about two inches from beating his ass and stealing his RooR....along with his stash.

  10. That would be enough for me...ungrateful SOB...

  11. this is why my friends ussually get a couple bucks in gas money or some sort of payment before they take anyone anywhere (there are a few exceptions) to keep shit like that from happening. i know my friend who drives everyone around would kick the shit out of some fool if they did that.

  12. Wow, now that is just terrible

    If I had asked for a ride to Eagle Rock i wouldve blazed you out with the whole dub, and I live right next to Eagle Rock!!!!

    Next time he asks for a ride take him on a long ride, then stop the car, tell him to get out and leave that foo to find his own damn way home!
  13. Nice job you're a f---ing genius. Ill burn a bowl for you!:smoking:

  14. Good call not taking his crap. Scavengers are so damn annoying.
  15. haha funny as hell, but he might not appologize if he doesnt know what your mad about, underline it for him.
  16. I know the kind of dude. There is a guy around campus(went to high school with) and he will only call me to try to sell me bud or to see if i want to go smoke, other than that we don't chill

    i really don't care in this situation though because i know that is how this friendship is, it is just about the bud. I smoke him out a few times, then he smokes me out a few times

    kinda shady that you are always the one providing the weed so hopefully he learned his lesson
  17. Haha, that's the way to do it man.

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