Dick Cheney is a Joke

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ThePhantom, Jul 28, 2010.

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  1. Last night I was watching Colbert Report, where I learned the news that because of Dick Cheney's new heart pump, he "officially has no pulse." As Colbert said, "I would like to congratulate Cheney on getting one step closer to joining the Legion of the Undead."

    This guy really is a joke with all the shit that's happened. First he shot his friend in the face with a shotgun. Then he was legitimately accused of heading up a secret military assassination squad. And now he is some kind of half-human, half-zombie creature. I'm sure I'm leaving out other evil things, but just this is a lot for one person...
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    My Grandfather has a heart pump.

    If you're going to be some illegitimate douche just because you think it is cool to make fun of a republican politician you should at least take it out of the general forum.

    Please read the rules that are posted in every forum brother, name-calling isn't tolerated here. ~AK~
  3. Wow, what a dumbass comment, and you're one of those people who uses a Disclaimer signature to try to protect themselves. First of all, obviously I'm not against people who have these kinds of pumps, I just think it's funny that someone like Dick Cheney now has this. And I'm clearly not the first one to make this observation, as I first heard it on Colbert and have seen other comments on other sites.

    The last thing I was trying to do with this thread was "be cool", and the fact he's Republican has nothing to do with it. If you actually understood the purpose of this thread, you would realize how stupid that post is.
  4. So, the post is no to make fun of a republican politician, and it is also not about making fun of heart pumps.

    so clearly this thread could be about nothing else, so I guess a mod should just delete it. :hello::hello:

  5. Woooooooooooow. this post shows how much the post quality has declined lately.

    Read and comprehend plz.
  6. Im watching that cobert episode now. I love this show.
  7. Dude that's some intense shit. Dick Cheney is what evil looks like for sure..

    I can't even imagine how it must be to be this man (term used very lightly lol)
  8. youw weawwy wubbing me the wwong way hwah !!!!

    yeah i had to goggle elmer fudd translator.
  9. It is pretty funny. And he also had sketchy dealings with his company Halliburton in regards to oil and stuff. I don't know as much about that, but I'm just trying to point out as many crazy things as possible.
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    Why isn't this in Real Life Stories?

    I don't see anything evil about Dick Cheney having a heart pump, if it's helping him have a better quality of living. He's a person too. Are you sure you aren't liberally biased against him?

    Not trying to start an argument, but calling him evil... Sounds like bias.

    EDIT: And someone can be 'accused' of anything.. Legitimacy of an accusation has nothing to do with how true the claim is, it has to do with how well publicized the claim is. And if it was made by a liberal, then no doubt it was very well publicized as all media networks are run by liberals, except of course FOX news.

    Double EDIT: I, along with Hrah, fail to see the point of the thread also, as it seems bent on bringing in Dick Cheney haters who hate him soley based on his political affiliation.
  11. Someone is a little over sensitive:rolleyes:.

  12. I am +Repping you as soon as I can man. You got it!
  13. No, he doesnt, and neither do you.
  14. Explain any faults in my post and I will happily and calmly refute you're points, if possible.
  15. Ok, explain how the op said Dick was evil for having a heart pump.
  16. "Now he is some kind of half-human, half-zombie creature. I'm sure I'm leaving out other evil things"

    Saying 'other' implys that OP's opinion is that being a 'half-human, half-zombie creature" is evil. Which when saying he is half-human and half-zombie, OP is referring to Cheney's heart pump.
  17. It also implies that the heart pump alone isnt what makes him' evil'. Neither is the heart pump itself what makes him evil. The op says 'he has no pulse' (I cant confirm) which does technically make him the living dead. This coupled with all the other things that do make him evil, the OP was just making a joke. How this got confused with 'people with heart pumps are evil' I dont know.

  18. LOL!

    You guys are seriously going in a different direction. He's evil cause of all the crazy shit he does, not because of the heart thing. it's funny to find out that this guy, who does all these intense things and was involved with so much sketch shit, "doesn't have a pulse".

    I think it's way funny.
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    OP clearly listed having a heart pump combined with other situations make him evil.
    Who cares if it makes him the living dead?

    I never said that OP said 'people with heart pumps are evil', but that is what OP is implying if he lists having a heart pump in a list of what makes Dick Cheney evil.

    EDIT: Which means if Hrahs grandfather has a heart pump, he's part evil. Am I right?
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