Diatomaceous earth???

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  1. I was wondering if anyone else uses diatomaceous earth as an insectacide??? I have heard you can mix it with water and spray it out of a squirt bottle but I don't know what mixture ratio to use. Anyone know?
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    You might try a search Diatomaceous earth, foliar spay on G.C. or Google.
    I recently read this but I've been reading alot of back issues of indoor gardener &
    maximum yield.

  3. You should ask this in sick plants & disease or organic growing forum, someone there should know.
  4. I've used it. I bought it in a powder form on eBay. Just sprinkled it around the soil and worked well.
  5. I use it, but not as a foliar. You havr to be carefull. That stuff will coat your leaves if you use it as a foliar and you literally have to hand scrub the stuff off if you use even a tad too much. I use it on the floor of my grow area and in my soil. If you are worried about bugs on the leaves use neem oil. Just my .02

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