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Diarrhea with mass gainer. why?

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by violativo, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. I'd want to know why i have diarrhea everytime i drink a mass gainer shake. The only one mass gainer that is effective for me is super mass gainer from dymatize since it has zytrix (digestive enzymes blend), it doesn´t cause me diarrhea if I drink it an hour after prepared, but if i drink it immediately it will cause me diarrhea. Why? i dont know. The thing is that now the super mass gainer from dymatize doesn´t have zytrix since the new presentation, so i tried another mass gainer (carnivor mass) because i think maybe i have problems with lactose and fructose (coca cola causes me diarrhea), carnivor mass is lactose free, sugar free, gluten free, only 2g fat but it causes me diarrhea everytime i drink it, even if i drink half serving. Why?
  2. Because it's industrial waste,it's cheaper to sell big tubs of supplements to noobs then it is to dispose of whey properly.

    Where do you want to gain mass? Have you been eating more than you can burn?
  3. i dont have enought time to eat all calories i need during the day because of work and college, otherwise i have
    dysphagia, fat malabsorption, problem with milk and fructose, also im celiac. So is difficult gain weight for me.
  4. your body is telling you something - I would listen to it
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    You most likely have diverticulitis or other IBS disease
    Have you ever had a colonoscopy (scope of the inside of the 1st few feet of your intestines
    Starting with the anus.)?
  6. It’s a lot for your body to digest and it’s all in a very dense liquid

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