Diamond Scale Better Than Weed Scale

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  1. or just drop 15-20 bucks on a real scale that doesn't completely suck...
  2. Why the fuck would you buy an app for a scale? Just pay 12 bucks and get a nice (real!) one online.
  3. I dont know, reviews are greate. Maybe it is worthy?
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  5. Wow, only takes 3 hours to weigh out a bag by balancing each and every speck of bud on a coin. Seems pretty efficient!
    I don't believe in any app scales actually working properly. And real scales are cheap.
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    Lol those apps are for scamming stupid people.

    They're intentionally inaccurate, you can pick what weight you want it to display.

    By the way, 9 ratings doesn't mean shit to me lol.

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  7. Wait a minute...
    You say you can measure weight through the use of an app?  :confused:
    I have a Quality Certified, previously owned bridge for sale..... if you know anybody. :laughing:
  8. Got it :D Funny app, i tried it several times and the results are quite good, but need to follow the instructions otherwise it is innaccurate.
  9. i'll pass...just bought a nice pocket scale recently
  10. LOL, THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT?  :bolt: 
    And here I am about to go on a nice long rant and ramble about $500+ carat scales and high quality diamond and gemstone scales....

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