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Discussion in 'General' started by DiAmOnD RaStA, May 15, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, lots of shits goin on, and i wanted to post about it, but i have like 5 minutes before i have to leave again so i will post em all QUICK and in 1 thread lol.

    Jury Duty. Yeah i had to do it, went in this mornin and was there from 8am-4:30pm. I got picked and i am CURRENTLY on a trial! i gotta go back tomorrow too... DAMN! I thought $40 a day was cool, but now that ive done it, ehh.... no.

    NO POT FOR ME! Yesterday/last night was my last time smoking for a while. My newer job SUCKS so i am goin clean to get a better one. ((I will DT myself so i know AS SOON AS IM CLEAN, so i can get a job, and then SMOKE!))

    My plants are doin good, started LST and FIM'in ((1 on 1, 1 on the other)) Will take pics soon probably for the update.

  2. Is that shirt you have on in that pic a picture of tree's being burnt? If so I want it. On the back it should say "We burn down more tree's than forest fires"
  3. yeah you can get them at waytoomany.com

    we all know DR loves waytoomany!

    haha good luck on the detox bro...
  4. DR whats that tune called in montage No 3!
  5. thnx man

    lol for sure you can pick one up from waytoomany... think theyre like $15 or if you submit enough shit like i do, they send out free shirts too

    The song in the 3rd montage is called "tokin" but you wont find it anywhere but myspace.com and no i dont have the link cuz i deleted my myspace. sorry.
  6. Check out your thread in the General feedback forum. RMJL has spoken.

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