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    My plant is over a month old now, and over a foot tall. I'm growing bagseed, I'm currently hitting it with a 250w worklight (from a safe distance) as well as 2 15w Plant and Aquarium 18" fluoro tubes, and a 60w incandescent agro-light. Soil PH is perfect about 6.8 and the plant is not over or underwatered. Soil is currently moist and the plant is still on 18/6 for another 2 weeks before I flower it, unless if this problem gets worse.

    I just added ferts for the first time this saturday I believe, but the plant was already have this issue since before. I had originally thought that the plant leafs were burnt from touching a bulb but I see it happened on more fan leaves now.

    Basically the problem is this, the Tips of the fan leaves are turning like an orangish/brown color, but its not just the tips now also the sides of some leaves get it too and it looks kind of like an big inkblot where the outside of it is white/orangeish and then the inside gets kinda grey or brown.

    The most interesting thing is if you touch this part it crumbles to nothingness but the rest of the leaf stay intact, so in some cases you can see through my leaf. The plant continues to grow strong.
  2. Every one of those lights is wrong unless that worklight is a CFL and not halogen. You plants look like they've been burned (by heat not nutes).

    Replace those tubes with 6500K daylight tubes, or at the very least, some cool whites. Pitch that agro incandescent light in the trash, it is next to useless.

    Get some FLOUREX lights or, at the least, some CFLs that are 6500K daylight, or again, at the very least, cool white. You'll see a drastic improvement of your plant's health.
  3. Worklights a halogen, got rid of the incandescent and put in a a large warm white fluoro.

    I dont have any cool white fluoro tubes handy, do you think a warm white tube would be better?

    The plant and aquarium tubes are 410 lumen color temp 2700k, I dont know anything about the warm whites.
  4. Info on the warm white tubes:

    Philips 15W, Medium Bipin, T-8 PREHEAT (Starter Required) Fluorescent Lamp with ALTO Low Mercury Technology, 3000K Warm White Color, and Medium Bipin Base. (diameter 1", length 18"),
  5. Halogen is absolutely worthless for our puposes. It will do nothign but ruin your plants and has the wrong light spectrum for plant growth.

    Those are pretty crappy flouro bulbs. Go to lowes and buy their cheapest 2-tube flourescent shoplight and put either Daylight or Coolwhite bulbs in it. The warm lights are better for flowering than veg, but even so, those lights that you have are pretty feeble.

    If you want, I can put you in touch with a bro of mine that can get you two 65W FLOUREX lamps and bulbs that will crank out 16,000lumens of 6500K Daylight. Plenty enough for your plant and they are only about $35 each. Step up to $59 and you get 100W input FLOUREX lamps that put out 13,700 lumens each.
  6. Definitely interested but keep in mind right now im growing in a cabinet, the closet isnt ready so I only have about 2 1/2'x1'x2' So I dont think I will be able to fit them, I still am interested though.

    As for the fixtures at lowes could you link a picture or a product name so I know what im looking for? Last time I went to buy lights the guy at home depot wanted to buy weed off me.

    I told him I was growing azaleas.

    Anyway, appreciate all help.

    By the by, I found 1 cool white tube and put that it. So at the moment im running 2 warm whites and 1 cool white.
  7. Hi Noid.
    You are getting great info from Up4. He knows what he is talking about. Your lights were the problem. Sounds like he got you on your way and things should improve.

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