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  1. Hey people, thanks for stopping by.
    I have a question to the more experienced here. It's my first hydro grow and my plant is a little unhappy. I'm thinking it could be nutrient burn but I'm unsure.

    I'm running a 600W HPS cool tube, well ventilated on the Gas Lantern Routine.

    I've noticed the plant is drinking way more water and almost no nutes. I've diluted the tank twice and the PPM continues to increase. Ph is sitting around 5.6-5.9, but it's normally 5.8.

    PPM reading is 1500.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what is wrong with my plant? Any help is much appreciated, thank you.

    Also I snapped a branch, but its still growing strong. I taped it up, but there's a giant, gaping hole that doesn't seem to close up... How long should it take for the hole to close up?

    1460546347037.jpg 1460546363254.jpg 1460546377516.jpg 1460546389792.jpg 1460546399434.jpg
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  3. it's over watering the roots need more oxygen..also possibly some n tox starting which locks out calcium
  4. Hey dude, I have 2 air stones directly under the root ball. And the roots have grown into the tank, it's basically a DWC now. I would think it could possibly be nitrogen toxicity. I'm going to change the water on the weekend, drop the PPM and move the air stones from under the roots.

    I'm also wondering about the broken branch, will it eventually grow itself closed? I'm too afraid to bend the branch to close it, as it seems to be comfortable the way it is. It's just that I want to start a Scrog, but this branch seems to be very fragile.. not sure what to do.

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  5. Also, since the roots have grown down and into the tank is since when the leaves started to show problems. Maybe the nutes are too strong. The plant is OG Kush..

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  6. I don't grow hydro, but by the color of your plant, it looks like it's getting too much nitrogen. Overall, it doesn't look bad to me and those spots and discolorations your looking at there are from something that occurred before now...most likely from your nutrient mix. You can generally judge the overall health of the plant by the new growth. If it is healthy, a good color and reaching for the light, then your plant isn't unhappy. Throughout the grow, you'll have leaves that will die off...typically the older vegetation. But it's nothing to get upset about. I think you're OK....but take the advice of those who do grow hydro over mine...by all means. LOL TWW
  7. Yea I'm thinking the same as you mate^ I did put more nutrients in than what I normally do, but only because the plant is a lot bigger now, I thought it would be taking in more nutrients. But as I've noticed, she's only drinking water and almost no nutrients. I haven't had the time to change the water, hopefully I'll do it on the weekend and lower the nutes. Do you know if having the air stones directly under the roots is a bad idea? I know oxygen is good, but maybe the air could be pushing contaminants up into the roots or something?

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  8. Bump. Any one have any idea on helping branches to grow back together? I've tied pushing the branch back together and taping it together, but the branch doesn't seem to be growing back together. It's still growing fine. Will it take a few weeks to fully close up maybe?

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