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  1. Hello all, hoping to get this problem solved so ill be as detailed as i can and ill b posting pics. This is my 2nd indoor grow btw.

    soil 1/3 perlite 1/3 peat 1/3 promix
    nutes- EJ full line. using 3 little birds feeding schedule as a guidline and adjust according to plants.
    lights- 400 mh maybe a foot off plants. 24 hr/day
    temp/humidity- 72-85. and 20-30% hum. (i know its low) but this time of year it is what it is.
    strain- burmese cush, deathstar
    age- clones 2 months

    feel free to ask if i forgot to list anything. underwatering is what i was thinking but i havnt seen them perk back up. any ideas??

    on a side note ,love we got an app for the site but wherea the cultivation tab? lol
  2. ok having problems getting the pics on here. the leaves are curling inwards. What i mean is the fingers of the leaves are all folding in half.
  3. When did you water last and how much. Are those 5gallons?

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  4. I watered today and before that it was sunday. i ph down to 6.5/6.8
  5. They are probably thirsty did you soak the soil?

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  6. those are 5 gallon buckets btw. Yes i water till i get drainage out of the bottom. a gallon normally does it. i am away frome home through the week so they normally have 4 days no water, i water on 5th day and again on 7th day.
  7. Gotta be heat stress then. Pull your reflector up like 6-8 inches maybe? Are temps hot at the canopy?

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  8. no its actually been a struggle keeping the heat at high70s. im n ohio so all this cold weather has bn a factor. ive brought in a cpl 300 watt heat lamps to stabalize the temps
  9. i thot underwatering was the issue but they sont perk up after the waterings
  10. Heat lamps as in infrared? Maybe point them away. Cooler temps drop humidity, and infrared will drop it more. I'm a noob with no experience, but I'm trying to learn. So I'm just guessing here. Maybe the humidity is to low. Make some steam in there or something to bring humidity up maybe?
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    Wait. In your first post, you say your temps are 72-85, combined with your pictures, I would agree with the earlier argument of heat stress. I grow in hydro, but I believe even in soil, the soil temps need to be lower than air. And if it never gets below 72, then that could cause issues like root rot.  
    However, in that second post, you state you have issues of even keep temp into the 70's.... Which is the case?
  12. That looks like a classic case of heat stress. Raise those 400w MHs to about 18"
  13. Heat

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     Let me clarify then. i have had temps exceed 80s when i have 2 300 watt heat lamps on, and they are in the back of the room not near plants. i try to only keep one on at a time if i can get away with it. ive never grown through the winter like this and im trying to deal with heating issues as they arise. the avg temp id say ran around 76 but it flucuates quite a bit but not to extreme in eithor direction.

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