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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Xaint Vicioux, May 26, 2008.

  1. ok im gonna start off by saying this is my first grow ever so please bear with me.

    the first 3 pictures are of a seed i got from a bag of weed (for 60usd an 1/8) didnt tell me the strain... if any the weed has a strong smell of coffee grinds and the farther you get from it it starts to smell like chocolate with a skunk undertone.

    Problem with plant:
    its not a huge concern of mine because the plant is comeing along very well i think. but the leaves have been folding on one side of the fan leaves. it doesnt seem to be hindering the plant in any way except the fact that i dont think this is normal.
    ----- leaf bends are circled in the pictures

    Growing details:
    medium: soil
    brand: miracle grow
    strain: dunno it was from a bag od 60$ and 1/8
    how old: plant is about 4 months old (febuary 2nd (ish)
    liights: ive had 3 females under 4 of those 100w (but only use 23w) spiral energy efficient floros. for their entire life they have not been more than 6 inches away from the plants.
    Ferts: for vegging she was just givven 6.o ph (ish) water then for flowwering (which started 12/12 on march 25th) was given "miracle grow" 'Rose plant food' 18-24-16 about once a week. (one week i forgot to water her so didnt get water for about 12 days which really dried her out)
    Runoff PH/ room temps: never tested the runoff... i know i should..... the temps are comfortable for a person to sit in, if tinybit a little warm. shes had a fan on her most of her life.
    Pot Size: terra cotta pot, maybe 1 to 1 1/2 gallon of miracle grow in it

    SICK PLANT # 2
    this one im gonna take a guess and say that it is a typical nute burn but would greatly appreciate a second opinion....

    Problem with plant:
    the leafs seem to be turning in (canoeing [not do to the light being too close]) and the leaf inbetween the veins seem to be turning transparent but with a tint of brown. may sound weird but it seems that the green on the plant has turnd brown on some spots and has been scraped off. i say that cause right next to the brown transparents looking spots theres what seems to be deposits of....brown you can see the browning in the pics but the deposits are hard to see

    growing details:
    growing details are exactly the same as the above plant except this plant isnt from a 60$ an 1/8th bag, this seed was from a bag of decent mids.

    please let me know if you need any furthiner information

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  2. ok your problem is your soil mircale grow is ver high in nitrogen while some plants more than other can survive in its chicken shit for veg when it time to flower you will have problems also it has time release nutes which can sky rocket your ph those leaves twisting look like the emphamis ph curl. check the ph of your runoff
  3. i find that kinda odd that its cause of high N cause for vegging i was using Miracle grow Miracid (30-10-10) and didnt have any problem during veg

    i watered today using plain water with no nutes with a PH of about 6.2 so hopefully that will slow/stop the browning of the leaves

    any idea what could be causing the bends in the leaves on the first sick plant?

    PS i know miracle grow is not recommended but for my first grow it has been doin pretty good. plus i just spent about $1000 on a 400w digi switchable MH/HPS, fox farm ocean forest/ nutes and tons of other stuff to better my grow
  4. The leaves folding over on pics 3 and 4 are from heat stress.
    Nitrogen certainly is high but, I don't think its too high. The fold from pics 1,2 is nothing and don't worry about it.
  5. I was just about to say that, you beat me to it! Heat stress it is!

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