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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by MostlyReputable, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. Blue dream is looking like this march 24th 1.1.jpg And yellowing in between the veins. The whole time, its always been slightly lighter than the others, but this is getting bad.

    Have some other plants yellowing, starting in the middle of the leaf, and going towards the outside. march 24th 3.jpg march 24th 2.jpg

    Feed Schedule: 2 days of feed, next day pH water w/cal mag, then a day off.

    5ml/g CalMag, Micro, Grow. 1.5ml/g Bloom. Ends up around 630ppm
    Silica at 1.5ml/g once a week.

    I really cannot pinpoint the cause of these problems. Im not getting any nute burn, all other factors are fine.

    I am going to transplant a few of these today, they need to be in bigger pots.

    Please let me know if you have any experience with problems/deficiencies like this, like I said, I need some help.

  2. Yellowing is usually a nitrogen difeciency. I am battling the same issue, up your nutes.

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  3. Now im getting this happening, just to a different strain, its only on this one plant this bad so far. Looks like a combination of things. march 26.jpg

    IM using flora series, but im not sure what to increase too that will stil deliver the correct ratios of nutrients. I know they have recommended ratios per week, but they don't have any instruction on increasing dosages to fit needs.
  4. Looks like phosphorus deficiency , yellowing from the bottom up ? Brown spots ? Lookup phos deficiency , maybe try a little bloom nutes !

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  5. Sorry baked forgot to quote

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  6. Just had someone tell me it was a phosphorus overload, but im barely using any bloom so I will up the doseage and see if that helps! Thank you sir! Im gonna try 5:5:3.5 Micro/Gro/bloom and see if that helps. Over the doseage they recommend, I might lower the grow a little bit to 4ml/g

    Ill let you know the results.
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  7. [​IMG] here you go this is straight from Jorge Cervantes himself and The Cannabis Encyclopedia aka the Weed Bible. [​IMG].

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  8. Appreciate the pic man.

    The reason I was stumped is because the only symptom was spots, brownish/orangish spots. Everything else was regular, stems, leaves were dark green, no tip curling or burning. I just attributed it to bad genetics since 3/4 were experiencing that problem.

    I switched to head formula and the spot growth has slowed down, maybe even stopped, I ended up tossing the ones who had the problem.

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