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  1. Hey Friends,
    I've got a small indoor medical garden here, and I'm experiencing some issues with half of my plants that needs to get fixed asap. I've got 3 Bubba Kush, and 3 Blue Dream x Banana. I've been LST'ing all of em, and a little fimming as well. The 3 Bubba plants are looking great, but the BDB are showing some issues in the leaves. Over the past 4-6 days, edges of many fan leaves have gotten yellow/almost rusty. Also many tips are showing yellow on the very tip. Also slight curling/twisting is going on.
    They're on 24/0, temps are between 80-86, grow medium is hydroponic(Botanicare Readygrow), I've been watering every 48-72 hours because the pots are rather large. I've been giving them Fulvic, Humic, Root Excelerator, Hygrozyme, and some Cal/mag here n there. I've been using tap H20, which comes out at 7.5-8, so I've been adding PH Down to get between 6-6.5, after I get all the additives in. The last watering I gave was Distilled water, with ONLY some added Cal/Mag..because I was thinking maybe Mg defiecency. My solution going in was 5.5-6...my runoff was about 6.5. All tests done with indicator solution, but I ty to be pretty accurate.
    Here are a couple pics. Hopefully some of you experts can shed some light on for me. I was thinking either Mg or Fe..what do you guys think? Could my Los Angeles tap water be giving to much Ca, and possibly locking out Mg?? If so, what could I do?...Not even sure if that's the prob..just speculating. Thanks for any help guys!!

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  2. Maybe a Phosphorus or Magnesium deficiency.
  3. Thanks for your thoughts. What info is needed to make a better diagnosis? Does anyone else have an intuition on those fan leaves? I really wanna correct whatever is happening. Do i need more photos..or something taken closer? Any other Ideas are welcome and appreciated, thanks guys!!
  4. Looks to me like she could use a good shot of nitrogen. ???
  5. For hydro your PH should be round 5.8

    If your runoff is 6.5 that is too high.
  6. I think the last 2 guys both have it right. Those 3 are probably a little N starved, and also need to be PH tweaked down as noted. Just picked up a digi meter, that should help to dial that In. I guess I was overestimating the amount of NPK in the grow mix (Botanicare Readgrow), so most likely they just need some fuel. That means tomorrow morning, it's feeding time. Thanks for the advice guys.

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