Diagnosis and cure for these clones?

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  1. Hey all! Happy Holidays! Have a tray of 28 clones sitting 15 inches below my T5 which is usually fine with this strain. Most clones look "normal" but 4 or 5 look like this. I've used the clone machine 4 times. I haven't had this issue so far. Clones are in a room that's 68-75 degrees and 50% humidity. Because they're in a cloning machine, they don't require as much humidity as if they were in a dome. They really don't even need 50% but I digress. Out of the tray of 28 several look like garbage as you can see from the images. Can anyone tell me what's going on with those particular clones? Tried to post three photos but i keep getting error messages telling me theres an issue uploading my files. No idea why the first one worked and others dont but it is what it is.

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  2. do you just use water? I use 5mL / L of clonex solution.
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  3. Cannabis Symptom Checker - Identify Cannabis Leaf Problems (ilovegrowingmarijuana.com)

    Copper excess
    Too much copper in your nutes results in browning or burnt leaf edges. The growth will slow down and you may see twisted or abnormal plant growth.

    Copper deficiency
    Signs of copper deficiency in your plants include dark leaves that take on a blue or even purple shade, with the sides of the leaves turning a pale yellow color.

    Copper deficiency cannabis plant
    Buds from copper-deficient cannabis can stop maturing if ignored.

    Learn how to handle a copper deficiency.
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  4. I called and talked to the owner of the clone machine company before I used it for the first time. . He swears its better NOT to use any clonex or anything else in the machine other then the powder that comes with the machine and it's the tiniest amount . Absolutely no nutes are necessary in this machine. I've done this four times the same exact way with great results. Did the same thing this time as every other time and I'm getting this browning on some.. Also, it definitely doesn't look like the photos above with the copper deficiency or copper excess.
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  5. I suggest your fan is too close, see the red as stalled sap, like in apples, red cabbage ....weed?

    in truth its no biggy

    good luck
  6. That’s not a copper deficiency. I’ve seen this in a few clones from the dome’s occasionally. Unsure, but I always thought it was a burning issue from excessive humidity and maybe too much light. :confused_2:

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