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Diagnosed with depression

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by wd2006, May 16, 2006.

  1. I have been diagnosed with depression and I see a shrink from time to time..I feel that MJ is good for my depression and I helps me relax and calm my anxites down and change my mental state. For example when I get high I will take a more positive look on things and then when I sober down those positive thoughts and view on life will stay with me, almost like revelations.

    Is there a way I can get a Medical Card then?
  2. Hey all! I have been manic,or bi-polar,all of my life.I knew as a child thet something was wrong with me,but too afraid to tell anyone.I wes depressed long before I started smoking pot,so nobody can tell me that smoking brought this on.I'm 39 now and been taking antidepressants for about 15 years.They take the edge off, but they dont cure the problem.Same goes for tokin,takes the edge off.I think there has to be a happy medium.Too much of anything can be a bad thing.Like mountain bike riding when too high! I'ts great to fly,but the landing can change your life.I split my coconut wide open while playing supperman.Now I'm half the man I used to be.I dont blame the pot for what happend,It was poor judgment to be so high while playing.I will toke till the day I die,It motivates me to keep on going.Which pills never could do even on the good days.I grow for ME! I refuse to fell like a criminal! This is what keeps me on even ground.Other peoples opinions,and the legallity of it all,SUCKS.I used to struggle with all of that,untill I just had to be myself.Hang in there,dont give in to other peoples opinions.

  3. What state do you live in?every state is different. i know alot of places dont see depressions as a reason for a MJ card. ive read that its easy to get one in california however :smoking:
  4. i have depression as well, and i noticed i toked up a couple times last night, and today i was pretty social compared to my usual, and it was a shitty day out, and that's when i'm least social, and the weather didn't affect me at all. So, tokin might be one thing to help depression, and can i as well get a medical card? :p
  5. yeah i see where ur coming from. i take anti-depressants and they don't seem to work, except for that weed. during stressful times i smoke every single day, during less stressful times i smoke like 2-3 times a week.
  6. when i took anti-depressants i didn't notice much difference myself, if anything it just made me more hyper. But, i read that anti-depressants can motivate people to kill themself, now i don't think someone on weed would do that
  7. exactly where did you read that:confused: maybe you could link it. because its more of the other way around, However i have taken some different medicines that made me feel like complete shit. but never have i taken medicines or weed that would make me wanna kill myself. especially marijuana,its always been the opposite.
  8. i read it in the paper like 5 months or so ago, might be kinda hard to find. But, i mentioned certain anti-depressants sometimes like give people enough energy to allow them to keep up enough hype or whatever to kill themself, hard to explain. I'm sure a google search should clarify ;)
  9. if i remember correctly it only is only supposed to do that for people 18 and under and only some people, i dont exactly know why it works like that. Antidepressants helped me alot in highschool, i took them for a year and a half i think. I became depressed again last fall and im on zoloft and wellbutrin now, im not sure if it is helping or not since ive been taking both for less than a month.

    one interesting thing to point out is that there is a correlation between frequent marijuana use and depression, no proof as to whether or not depression makes people smoke or smoking makes people depressed, i love weed as much as the next guy but idk, its possible that smoking can bring it out in people who are allready succeptable to depression.

    edit: 1 more thing i thought of, because of depression i have almost no appetite most of the time, and toking deffinitly helps that alot
  10. i used to take zoloft as well. But, was just thinking, depressed people probably tend to become more addicted to weed then most people because when they're sober they feel worse than average people and want to get back to bein high, reminds me of how i have no weed right now. only got $50 and too late to go out for any weed, school in mornin and all, i'm usually a weekend toker anyway, but wouldn't mind changin that :p
  11. i use marijuana for OCD and depression. Marijuana is the only medicine I have taken that doesnt give me the side effects that the antidepressents give me like bad nausea and headaches. But marijuana alone isnt enough for me, so i'm like the second poster who said he has to find a happy medium.

    I'm not sure about all the 11 states that have medical programs, but I'm pretty sure California is the only one on the west coast that will give you your card for depression. I was going to move up to washington but found out they only give the cards for physical problems, and a lot of states are like that.

    Try to find a doctor who specializes in prescribing medical marijuana. I didn't even tell my regular phychiatrists that I use marijuana, cause I'm sure he'd disagree with me and I dont want to have to deal with that. So i just saw a doctor who travels around California to help med users out.

    Good luck to all of you.
  12. I have been diagnosed with depression. Before I started using marijuana. I take 40mg of Prozak every day and it seems to be helping alot. I can defiently tell after of a week of not taking that, that I havn't been taking them.

    I have noticed if I smoke pretty much everyday, its keeps me good and calm but I don't smoke marijuana everyday.

    But I take my Prozak and I use marijuana and things seem to be working out alright. I do live in California so if I could get a medical marijuana card though for it...hmmm
  13. Must be weird scoring an eighth from your doctor.
  14. Man I had a horrible car accident that left me with severe anxiety and deppression. Weed was the only thing that helped. I found smoking good bud alone mellowed me out. It was not so much the stone as the left over THC that was in my system got me through the next day unti the next smoke. You know someting about the numbing of the serotonin nerve receptors to allign the dopamine correctly. I had a head injury and the chemicals were off set slightly. That is what causes deppresion. Physical effects change seretonin levels. I wish I lived in California. I quit when I went to college so I could study. Years later the deppression came back but the anxiety is gone. Now I search for the after effect. Keep toking man. I hate this fucking g-system we live in America.
  15. Many things are not as they should be in this world, so it is not wrong to feel depressed. I think accepting a diagnosis is the biggest part of your ailment. I am not surprised you find pot works better than pills. I also heard my elders say "Too much of a good thing is a bad thing"

    Peace and G'night!
  16. Yeah, accept what cant be changed, and find more time to grow!!! Peace, from across the pond.P.A
  17. Depression is so widely diagnosed that it almost ranks up there with ADD. If you have really had major cases of depression then most likely you have gained weight rapidly, had suicidal thoughts or even just became a complete loner. If like me you have used pot to cope with thoughts liek these i might have advice for you. YOu may be happy for now but your going to realize that you may jsut be using pot to completely forget your problems all together. Im not saying anyone will forever be gone from the depressing times of your life, but there are ways to get beyond this. Exercise and finding something you liek to do other than smoking. Yes i said it, make smoking truly a recreation and enjoy things like work, school or whatever floats your boat. Only when you fix the rest of your life will you get beyond this but if you look for bud as the only solution, youll find that your problems still come back to you when you arent high. In my case just stay high all the time ahahahahah jk or am I.
  18. not all people who suffer from depression have suicidal thoughts or significant fluctuations in weight.

    also, only one or two studies indicated any increased risk of suicide among people using SSRIs to treat depression. when one looks at any of the well conducted meta-analysis done, prozac and other of its ilk actually contribute to a small but still statistically significant reduction in overall suicide rates.

    as far as using bud for treating depression, i havent thus read any specific literature about this, but i do know of studies which were working on using it for bipolar disorder, which is closely linked to major depression being that they are both mood disorders.

    the problem in this area is a real lack of quality work done on the topic. a lot of the research is inconclusive or not done on a wide enough scale to have any true weight. the biggest obstacle to good research is the incredible difficulty in obtaining a permit to conduct a study using medical marijuana
  19. MJ isn't approved to be used medically for depression. In fact, the only thing it's partially approved for is physical ailments, pain.
  20. Well it seems that some of you are really into this so any college student that needs to study this for perhaps a discertation ill totally volunteer. I know my mind is fucked up but if i can help in any way to allow it to possibly be used for depression then im all for it. All it really needs is someone with great presentation skills and enough studies to make it legit. If a college discertation/thesis can be put in libraries all accross the country then that is just one more step towards getting it legal for all which is another plus.

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