Diagnosed with CHS, but I'm doubtful

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  1. I'm about to go to bed so I'll make this short and sweet.

    I started vaping herb from a pax II about 10 months ago. I'd vape every few days for a while then up to daily. I took a couple hiatuses for different reasons (weed induced dissociation, for one) And I always picked it back up. In the beginning of the year I started up again after a 30 day hiatus. So began the nausea.

    Nausea. Every day. Nausea. No appetite at all. Constantly there. Nausea nausea nausea. I have a history of GI issues so I thought nothing of it being weed related. Anyway, two months later I go to my gastroenterologist and I tell her I'm nauseous all the time and blah blah blah. She says (after a couple tests and questions) I have functional dyspepsia as well as cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. I'm like okay this chick is a doctor, she's probably right.

    Keep in mind, apart from one or two occasions where I almost got so far as dry heaving, I haven't thrown up once since I first tried weed. (Aside from one isolated post-Chinese incident.) I never felt any relief with hot baths or showers and I never had any abdominal pain aside from what's usual for me.

    But I did what the doctor said. No weed for 30 days. Well, I'm on day 4 or so. I went one day without it, NO NAUSEA. For the first time in months, I could eat. I smoked that night, and was nauseous all the next day. (That was also the first time I noticed getting nauseous while high, when I wasn't nauseous before.) And I haven't been nauseous at all the past several days.

    Today I spoke to a medical marijuana consultant. He seemed firm that CHS is bullshit anti mj propaganda. The thought had never occurred to me. I thought oh I have a minor case of CHS, that's why I never had the more severe symptoms. After that conversation I did some poking around to find there isn't nearly as much evidence as I thought for this mystery syndrome.

    Tonight I took 5 drops of tincture under my tongue and a tiny hit from an oil pen. I got a headache, which I also noticed when I smoked out of glass but not when I vaped, but I also noticed my stomach acting up. I began to get nauseous, so I took a zofran (which is notorious for not helping ease symptoms of CHS) And I feel a little better now. My head still hurts and I'm queasy but not terrible.

    Anyway. I guess my question is... if it's not real/it's real and I don't have it, why am I getting nauseous whenever I have any method of marijuana? And if it's real and I do have it, why do I only get nauseous as opposed to the other, much more terrifying symptoms of CHS, and why is my nausea responsive to anti emetics like zofran and not hot showers?

    I'd like to hear from believers and nonbelievers, as I've just posed questions for both sides of the argument.

    Please help! Thanks so much...

    P.s. I'm new and I'm sorry if I broke any rules in this post or where I posted it. I have no idea what the status quo is. I just want some opinions...
  2. That was not short.

    You could be a black star...A rarity if you will, I've only known one person that was allergic to weed and that is a real thing. Sorry, chief, but you might not be able to enjoy sweet, sweet Mary Jane like everyone else.

    I think it is genetics, but I'm no botanist.:coolalt:

  3. 8 months virtually symptom-free, and it actually TREATED my nausea and stomach problems... how could it take that long to show up? And it's not like I reached a certain tolerance. Symptoms started right after a nice hiatus...

    And you're right, when I say short and sweet I rarely mean it. Im long winded.
  4. Because you are a dark spot in the Universe? Genetically weak with THC? The One...Neo?

    Fuck if I know, I'm just telling you it is real.:coolalt:
  5. If you stopped smoking and felt better, why dont you think the 2 are related? This is the first I have heard of this. Maybe I missed something.
  6. i've saw one person in my entire life have a reaction to weed that seemed allergenic in nature and it was not pretty.

    Maybe try edibles? idk.
  7. Ive noticed every so often when i grind bud and put it in a container, not always but sometimes... ill end up with one or two tiny red spots on my skin that itch like mad til i wash. usually on my hands or arms from exposure to the pollen/keif. I have no problem smoking it though.
  8. **double post when trying to edit o_O
  9. That is also probably an allergic reaction.

    Some reactions are mild, and some will kill you...Others just really, really fuckin' suck for awhile.:coolalt:

  10. Allergic reactions don't always happen the first time you come in contact with something.

    You CAN be allergic to weed. I know people who are allergic to weed, some to painkillers, some to random other stuff.

    But a reaction like this should be enough to make you stop smoking. I wouldn't if I had the same feelings
  11. I should just get down and test it... poke myself with a pin or use some sandpaper and scrub some keif into the "wound"
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  12. Sounds like science.:coolalt:
  13. Science..

    but in all seriousness, I have had "CHS" before, it sucks... for me whenever i tried going cold turkey from smoking 1.5-3grams a day for years... i ended up with no appetite and nausea almost constantly, couldn't keep food down at some points. I was also really thin for my height so my BMI was real low... think it has something to do with how much any given persons body can take before its to much, and you basically get pot withdraw. It only ever lasted a week at the most and then i was eating normal, its just that one week feels like the worst flu you've had. Also at that time sleeping became hard and id wake up in cold sweats. My brother also experienced this when he quit smoking, and he now suffers from migraines ever since.
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  14. If I forget to wash my hands after handling bud and accidentally rub an eye, it gets irritated and then I have what seems like an allergic reaction. It's the same as if I had touched or been exposed to any other environmental allergen (eg. animal dander, dust, feathers, fresh cut grass).

    My cannabis use is fairly minimal however, so it doesn't cause an allergic reaction otherwise, whether I vape or eat it.

    So I don't know if this is an actual cannabis allergy or it just irritates my eyes if it gets in them and produces symptoms that mimic an allergic reaction.

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