Diagnose my plants plzzzzzzz

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  1. hey guys
    So I’m new here. This is my second grow. First one was a compete screw up. And don’t want same thing to happen to my new one.
    I’m growing 5 shiskaberry and 5 mr hide. I’m 4weeks from seedling.
    I see yellowing in the tips of the new grow in some. And yellowing of the full leaf in some.
    Grow room is 2.4mx 2m.
    2 600 watts Hps
    Smart pot 1 gallon ready to transplant in 3 gallon

    Using bio Bizz grow and heaven at the moment. Light doses. Soil ph is at 6

    I posted some pics
    Please help

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  2. Nitrogen deficiency, possible lockout. Idk what the pH is at the root system, should be ~6.3 or so. What you put in isn't always what is in there.
    I would start by increasing dosage of nutrients and/or frequency of feeds.
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  3. Soil ph is 5.8-6.
    And I’m using organic nuts. I don’t think lock out is possible
  4. Whenever in doubt - FLUSH. Run 3 times the water compared to the size consider your in (3 gallons if your in a 1 gallon container).

    This is always a huge benefit if not growing in water. With soil / coco, you can simply reset and get a do-over.

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  5. there is no way i can tell you what is wrong with your plants under hps lighting with a picture.
    i am good but not that good its very easy to diag it totally incorrect.
    put white light above the plants turning off those hps or put a blue sun glass lens in front of your camera then snap us some pics .

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  7. I hope these can help more.
  8. It looks like classic N deficiency

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  9. Should I increase on nutes
  10. they look very droopy to me , also you state you are doing organic .... we do not mess with ph if it is truly organic as your soil should have what it needs to self adjust the ph level ( to a point , if way too low a ph I doubt it can adjust back high enough ). I would suspect to much water at to low a ph level is causing nute lock out and soggy soil
  11. Ph of water is 6.8 after adding the nutes
  12. And I never used ph down. Always ph up to adjust ph on 6.8.
    I’m using bio Bizz organic nutes. They don’t mess up ph ( to my knowledge)

    Can some one help me with steps so these babies can recover
  13. Well the transplant you mentioned in the very first post would be a great start to recovery , fresh added soil should give it some needed food to consume and less likely to get over watered . If it were me id let them get a good drying out so I could transplant without the soil falling apart and shocking them . What are you using for the soil ?
  14. I’m using potting soil called florabella, that’s what’s available in my country. It’s a decent soil.
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