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    wondering if any of u pros could help me out. started off with 5 healthy seedling now down to 2:(.

    are these salvageable, - i think it might have overewaterd/mouldy roots, + they havent been getting much sun before today. not a good staty i know.:eek:

    the first was the 1st to sprout, then one of its cotyledon leaves appears to have died.

    the 2nd one of its cotyledon leaves has completely dropped off, and the 3rd has'nt really developed hardly at all compared to the others.

    thanks in advance,

    > i've already left all 3 in the sun all day to try and dry out.

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  2. you prob did the best thing, they were prob over watered and hurting for light..
    they should get kickin now but there young, dont let them dry out to much..
  3. Agreed. Those are good steps to start with.

    Remember that you only need to water when she is pretty much completely dry. If you can stick your finger about a half inch/inch into the soil and feel it's dry, then it's ready for water.
    Let those babies get all the sun they can. It's the most important thing for your plants.

    As far as those cotyledons go, it is natural for those to fall off. Although yours have fallen off a little earlier than typical, but as far as I know that isn't anything to worry about. (Don't know a whole lot on that specific topic though, sorry.)

    Good luck!

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