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  1. Looking back, I can't believe I spent 60 dollars on a rolling tray. Had I know that the only thing you can do in that game is play the same campaign over and over again, and only have four buttons to press, I would have never purchased it.

  2. Yah you can get that with LoL for free :) Or maybe another ARPG like Path of exile.
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    But is that campaign good?

  4. It's good, but not 'good' enough to play over, and over and over, atleast 4 times to hit max level, and then over again some more. Literally that's the only thing you could do in that game when I had it installed. The mobs all look the same, no variation in character design. Oh, and did I mention that the only thing to do in D3 is play the same campaign over and over and over again?
    Like really, that's the biggest LOL joke of a 60 dollar game in the history of failure games.
    When you play D3 you can see the awesome potential for an awesome game with great thunderous graphics, it needed to be free range style, but the Diablo games were never like that.
  5. Path of Exile takes a shit all over Diablo 3, the only thing it is lacking is some form of public party duel games, or a dueling area.
    It does have arena duels  1v1, 3v3, but to truly surpass the rest it needs good ol' D2 style dueling, fuckin around and testing builds with friends to kill all the rest!
    I feel assured they will add it, and it really is the only thing PoE is lacking to be awesome.
  6. Ha, I just pre ordered d3 on the 360..
    Been waiting for diablo to goto console forever.
    Any other recommendations in this genre for the xbox?
  7. Lol is a moba (a poopy one at that) not a arpg.

    Now path of exile is good as hell but once you get a high level toon it starts to get a little too Grindy imo. Getting the high level maps is mainly what I'm talking about.
  8. I play runescape. They update that game every week. NEVER boring. So much to do!!!
  9. It had potential! I loved the atmosphere and story of it

    But it missed on a few clicks which made it bad:( i prob will pick it up on ps4 though
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    Still enjoying Torchlight 2 especially with the steam community adding stuff with the mods it's pretty cool. Really wish it would come to consoles though. 
  11. I like diablo. I just got kotor 1 and 2 off steam though, been hooked on that shit.
  12. I just found this wonderful thing called Steam....however my bank account does not like it. Usually a console gamer. 
  13. thinking about getting it for the 360 when it comes out. also was thinking about coming  back to it online but after i read about the gold exploit and how bad the economy is now, i dont think id come back unless there was a full wipe(which won't happen).
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    Wife has been wanting a console arpg since Baulders Gate Dark Alliance ont he PS2 and the D&D game on the original xbox. And finally getting one for the PS3. Always suprised they never did a Champions of Norrath type game for the PS3. 
  15. the 360 economy isn't going to be connected to the PC community is it? 
  16. nope completely fresh. they also don't have an auction house either i don't think
  17. Awesome that was one thing that really turned me away from the PC version. I got it for free because of the season pass thing from Warcraft since my youngin plays on my old account. Picked up Torchlight 2 a few days ago been playing that a lot pretty decent game when put side by side to D3.
  18. The version of d3 for computer sucks epic balls, the auction house essentially broke the game, however the console versions will NOT have an auction house at all and they still haven't said if the dueling arena will be included in the game.. they are charging you money for the arena as DLC when it comes out for computer though, which they had intended to make an original part of the game but then realized they could make more money that way greedy cunts.
    I own the pc version and like I said don't buy it, wait for the console to come out, it will be a real d3 experience where crafting and magic finding will be vital parts of the game (Unlike pc where they are totally useless)
  19. also you can use a roll to evade attacks in the console version which should be neat..I'm hoping they up the party sizes/difficulty as well.

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