Diablo 3 Farming.

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  1. Any blades still play Diablo 3? If so, any advice on fast gold farming? I have a magic & gold find of 200%+ on inferno with 5 stacks of valor but still isn't fast enough for me. 

  2. You can always hack someone's account and take their shit then sell it. 
    But seriously, that happened to me. I logged in one day to see all of my stuff gone, just a naked barbarian sitting there. I know it wasn't a problem on my end. My password can't be "guessed" since it's just a long and random combination of letters and numbers, and I used the blizzard authenticator app that requires you to type in a code that changes roughly every 15 seconds. I emailed the support team and, no joking, they blamed it on me, saying things like "don't leave your account logged in at public places" and don't use suspicious websites when you log in" and "don't share your account with anyone else." It's like god damn, I know how to play a fucking video game. This was 100% their fault. 
    Sorry to get off topic, but for the fastest gold farming you have to play the auction house. Buy low and sell high and watch for price changes in the items you're selling. Some guy did that and made 10,000 bucks selling all of his gold on the auction house. Shit's crazy. 
  3. This is true, but now it's pretty much impossible to do cause of the AH glitch that caused billions of gold to be duplicated into the game.

    Anyway, I personally do act 3 runs.
  4. In fact i always farm gold with my friends in Diablo 3 raid.
    But i find the gold enough to buy the rare items, so i ask my friend, he says, he will buy gold in other site beside the offical AH.
    such as http://www.selldiablo3.com which provide the cheaper diablo 3 gold than AH.
    So, if we really enough gold to buy something, we can try it.

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