Diablo 3 Console Reviews Great, Most Say Its Superior To Pc Version.

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    I didn't see this one coming but it makes sense i suppose, they changed a bunch of the skills, there won't be an auction house at all by the look of things and drop rates for shitty loot are going to be decreased, so far for pc i've been extremely unimpressed, however it would be fucking dope if they 
    A) Increased party size
    B) Not make us pay an additional $60 on top of the game price for the additional content which includes the long awaited "Pvp Arena" rather then this shit brawling system. 
    Obviously i'm gonna wait for a credible review to come up before i even consider buying this as they will probably fuck up the loot system AGAIN but if they get it right i just might pick it up, being able to properly grind for awsome gear with my friends while using a controller and a big screen would probably be satisfying i imagine. 
    Then again so far this game has been a major disappointment, i'm pretty conflicted at the moment, as far as im concerned they should be catering to pc players with this shit. 

  2. I thought they came out a while ago and admitted the PC flop and said that the original idea was designed for consoles anyway and to expect it on the next gen console as well as the current?
  3. I have no idea, it sure seems that way though. 
  4. I've never played D3 but I think I remember them saying something about the amount of skills allowed in the UI or something was aimed specifically towards consoles a long with a bunch of other stuff. They said at E3 this year that it will be released for PS3 and 4 so I guess well see how it does console.
    I was sad that D3 was such a disappointment but glad I didn't give it a go, specially with so many great Free to play ARPGs already being available on the pc. Console should be a better fit.
  5. games too short imo. Torchlight 2 has a ton more gameplay and its only $20. I was very disappointed with blizzard on this one. Its a good game but the story is predictable and mehh. I haven't done a 2nd playthrough yet. maybe it'll be more fun on a harder difficulty.
  6. this game wouldh old my attention for 1 playthrough as ive played the beta and enjoyed it.  But after that you sure as hell wont catch me grinding in diablo III for epic lootz
  7. It will never ever be as good as D2
    My god, I miss those days.
  8. Cow runs in D2 were the shit.
  9. Hell yeah.  Not even just that. Just the gameplay, PVP, magic runs, the story, character build, epic items, everything about it was amazing.
  10. I still play D3 on PC and I gotta say the economy is so fucked up from all those people doing the item dupe & gold dupe glitches. Will def be picking up D3 for PS4 because it has no auction house; YAY.
  11. Fuck D3, biggest anticipation failure game of all time.
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    10 years of anxious wait for fail.
    So disappointed the first day of playing my preorder.
  13. I was thinking of picking it up for PS3 but it drops two weeks before GTA V so it would end up being a waste of money lol
  14. Please dont give these cockroaches any more money for this disaster of a game.... they fucked this game series up so bad with this garbage pc beta testing release

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  15. Meh. The only reason I can see people thinking its "superior" is because it actually worked upon release. 
  16. They are just milking it, i got the pc version for free with the annual pass for wow.
    The game play is lame, insanely low drop rate on items and tailored around the real money auction house. Its a glorified money grabbing pay to win.
  17. The thing that really pisses me off is they were just starting to do things right and then they put the pc version on the back burner because they are worjing on pulling the wool over the console gamers eyes now.... they are driven by short term profits and dont care what the long term consequences are.

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