Diablo 3 Beta Q3 2011

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  2. AWESOME! I'm sure Diablo 3 will finally get me off WoW for a while.
  3. I can't fucking wait.

    I used to be addicted to D2 for so long. 1.03-1.10

    Anyone else remember all the crazy hacked gear there was?

    Occy rings and White rings FTW
  4. thats how long i played or till 1.09 cant remember but d2 is the bomb! been waiting years for this game:hello:
  5. FINALLY! I waited forever for SC2 to be a HUGE fucking disappointment compared to how epic 1 was when it happened, D3 is going to be so so epic....... Cant fucking wait
  6. gotta play together :smoke: cant wait the characters are sick the skills are even sicker. im buying a brand new laptop probly alienware just for this game :D
  7. hahhaa a brand new laptop for d3 man, blizzard always makes their games lower graphics req so everyone can have a piece of the action. I know this laptop im using now will run it and im certain my desktop will hahahaha
  8. my laptop doesnt run d2.... it runs it but its just slowwww and laggy as fuck. so i figure d3 and black friday and just overall want a new laptop gives me good reason enough
  9. This is one beta im gonna fucking claw my way into.

    I always thought I would die of old age before D3 hit the market.

  10. My laptop wont run d2 either, but thats because windows 7 is fucking retarded when it comes to back compatibility hahahahahha
  11. I heard d2 ran fine on 64bit windows 7

  12. Well it wont... Like it works sometimes.... but it is force opened in this tiny window.... not sure why but its like a 3 inch by 3 inch window you cant do much with.... then io finally got it to run full screen and it will run for a bit then just crash.... I have other comps i still play d2 on, just my laptop wont hahaha
  13. hmmm..., you make me wanna do an install just to see.

  14. haha go for it, if you get it to work inform me how (i also havent tried in months, and many updates have occurred so who knows, i just gave up after a few weeks of failure last year)
  15. the betas not out now though correct? sorry dont have time to read article
  16. run it in admin mode and it should go fine theres a few other tricks but idk why they would make it not compatible for the future windows and make people downgrade

  17. lol everything i run is in admin mode, didnt do anything. I tried all sorts of the tweaks i found to "fix" it online, but people had said it was pretty hopeless..... but like i said, this was a while ago.... i just gave up because i have other options to play d2 and dont need to on this laptop hahaha.
  18. Thats surprising...D2 can usually play on everything. I used to play it on the biggest shitbox computer just fine.

    Im definitely gonna need an upgrade for D3 though, probably a new video card so im not playing on minimum settings.

  19. Windows 7 is a little bitch when it comes to things that are much older than itself.... as most new windows are.....

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