Diablo 2 Revival LAN Party.

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by d3thk0r3, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Well, I'm taking my girl out to dinner tonight, so I'll only be able to play an hour or two tops beforehand, and maybe we'll both jump on later tonight.
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    good deal

    If anyone wants to LAN right now and work on stuff im down.
  3. Waiting for you to send Hamachi info so we can play :)
  4. Stalin and I are making a game now. Let me know if you're down to join.
  5. Just finished Cain, and we're done for a bit. Now if more of you join, we can do Trist runs.
  6. Update: Sorry if I haven't played much or been active in this thread.. Been doing loads of LK runs on my Hdin so I can get Enigma and Hoto to help rush you guys. Need 1x Ber for Enigma,and 1x Pul/1x Lem/1x Fal for Hoto..

    Gonna update soon. Gotta get myself a stable char to help you guys level/progress/gear up.. So those of you been wanting to play, keep on it. Just progress your chars if you can.
  7. Anyone down to play tonight?!

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