Diablo 2 Revival LAN Party.

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by d3thk0r3, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Uhhhhhh... No. Maybe.. But... No.

    Oh, and please.. Stop promoting your thread within mine..
  2. Fuck my thread, if anything I am promoting this game, I just want to get all the Diablo fans together under one roof. ;)

    Almost everyone who has posted in this thread has complained about that hacking/botting on b.net for Diablo 2, how Diablo 3 totally sucks ass (which it does, I've played it), or how their characters have expired and discs are lost.

    Just seems like yall are looking for some redemption in this long lost genre, well this is it.

    Trust me man I would take part in some LAN but I have no clue where my discs are either. :eek: Regardless, I hope you find some peeps to play with if you decide not to join in on the beta.

  3. I just enjoyed the scenery. Also, Arcane Sanctuary. I hated when people would run us through. Nothing like spending an hour on it because you took all three wrong directions.

    Act III and V were buzzkillers.
  4. I actually enjoy Act 2 as well. I think my least favourite would have to be Act 3.. Huge forest + Swarms of FlYer's + Gloam's = bad
  5. But duriel is a motherfucker if you don't grind
  6. d3...isnt great
    i like d2...with my 98 hdin or 92 sorc..owning in pvp
    but no one plays d2 anymore :mad:

    d2 pvp was my favorite thing to do..and occasional chaos runs to help level friends and randoms

  7. I remember trying to beat him SP on my necro. Had to keep TP'ing out and reviving my merc well over 15 times. He's a real son of a bitch.
  8. If I buy, gotta know folks are willing to play.
  9. I'm so down to play!! Tonight!!
  10. dling now. Pm server information please.

    Is a summoner necro alright? I ran hell with one once. Had all the charms and whatnot though.

  11. PM me too plz!!!
  12. downloaded now =D
  13. Maybe ill try d3 again...people are playing it on here?
  14. I'll reinstall d2
  15. I'm down for some diablo 2, Reinstalled it last week and been having a blast. Shoot me a pm :smoking:
  16. Okay guys, so I sent PM's to all those wanting one, and we should be able to play as soon as later today.

    Just remember, the one doing the progression has to host the Hamachi server, so we'll still have to communicate through GC to connect :) PM me if you need me/post here.

    Thanks guys. This thread is turning out great.
  17. yo dudes I've been lookin for some ppl to play diablo 2 a little, did you guys buy the game or I can connect throu a pirated version?
  18. Just get the game.. It's probably 20$ or even less for the Battle Chest.
  19. Ever get a time?

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