Diablo 2 Revival LAN Party.

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  1. Hey Blades and Bladies,

    I've been teaching my girl how to play Diablo 2, and we're almost done normal. Since online gameplay is so overflowed with bots and gear, we're only playing via TCP/IP.

    I'll have my girl post in here, and if you wanna join us, you'll have to have Hamachi. Post in here if you wanna join us, we'll work something out.
  2. Oh hi :) Diablo 2 is the best. Just saying. :p And hamachi is quick and easy to downlaod for those who dont know xD
  3. Wouldn't it be easier to just make a series of password protected games on b.net? Or is it still as unreliable as it used to be. Gate crashers weren't a huge issue last time I played.
  4. I have D3, it's terrible. Blame Jay Wilson and Bobby Kotick.

    And as for the question of BNet's reliability.. They don't really maintain Battle.net 1.0
  5. That's why my girl and I are looking for people willing to make single player characters that can pair up via LAN.. The way the game was meant to be played :p

    I just hit level 40 today, but I haven't fully completed A5 Normal yet, as she's level 28 with only Shenk done.
  6. Im willing to play man. Id have to reinstall. Took it off after all the bs on battlenet.
  7. Yeah man, great! PMing you now to see when we can connect.
  8. Seeing this thread just reminded me its been way past 3 months since I last checked my account.
    Fuck :(

  9. 'Character has Expired'

    I know that feel.
  10. So make a SP character, play a bit, and join my gal and I. I'll PM you just in case you're interested..
  11. [​IMG]

    Man what kind of bullshit is that. Did Blizzard not expect people to have fits of nostalgia every once in awhile? I'm craving a Baal run right about now.
  12. So make that character already and join us! Hell will be fun..
  13. I would if I still had D2 on my current rig. :(
  14. Then fucking fix it. This is some important shit!
  15. I lost my disc, so I may have to rebuy it. Still wanting to play though.
  16. I'm in Hell A1 now, have all the gear I needed to push myself to do some /Players 8 Hellmode progression.. Gonna get some runs done in the Pits/Amcient Tunnels as soon as I can.
  17. I miss act 2. Love it so much.

  18. How? I hated that desert with a passion. Harrogath and fucking up siege after siege was the most fun I got out of that game.
  19. Why not try a new ARPG built for customization, anyone ever heard of Path of Exile? A good friend of mine knew my brother and I were avid Diablo 2/LOD fans, and he said this game was awesome.(bought the supporter pack to play beta)

    The features and style of this game is reminiscent of Diablo 2 without the botting/hacking/etc.., but not a boring pvpless pushover like Diablo 3.

    The itemization system of this game is amazing, and the passive skill tree is more like a skill forest. They are starting open beta and releasing the final act at the same time (50% more content).

    It enters into open beta in a week, and after that will be free2play but NOT pay2win.:D Money put into the game will add purely cosmetic/aesthetic things such as pets, spell effects, strange weapon visuals, etc..

    I have already made a thread about this game, if anyone is interested!


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