diabetes and weed

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr_Criminal, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. Anyone know if bud would have any weird/bad effects on a diabetic? My dad's a diabetic and I wanna get him high real soon. Was just thinkin about any health conditions he might have that could make it bad for em.
  2. maybe besides eating lots of junk food afterwards..... i don't think so.....
  3. Read up first dude. My ex was type 1 diabetic and smoked. It can make their blood sugar drop LOW as hell. I think it can raise it too, depending on where it is at the point of smoking. Just make sure to have insulin and sugar and the tester. I know it sucks to have to worry about all that just to smoke, but trust me, it's well worth it. First time she smoked, she tripped out bad. She repeated every word about 5 times before she said a new one. Scary shit man. Be careful.
  4. Yeah I have the blood sugar dropping problem when high too, although i'm not diabetic.

    Just get your dad to munch on something sweet.
  5. Aw man, I probably won't even bother cause of that. And we were gonna drink it, too, so it would be especially strong. Ah well. I don't wanna risk havin an emergency.
    Guess he's gonna miss out.
  6. I don't think there are any health problems for diabetic people smokin. I never came across anything like it, so I doubt there is.

  7. I did the research. There is.
  8. please be a tiny bit more specific (or maybe just provide a link?..)
  9. Don't feel like searching for links now, its a pain in the ass to search for something that has to do with marijuana thats not about how good/bad it is. Specific searches sucks. But it increases hypoglycemia, lowering of the blood sugar. I have witnessed it on many occasions. On a regular basis, type 1 diabetics try to keep their blood sugar level between 80 and 120 before meals and between 100 and 140 at bedtime. When my ex smoked for the second time we checked her blood sugar, and it was around 110 or so, after just eating a snack. 25-30 minutes later, she started tripping out again, so I checked it, it had dropped majorly, I believe the tester she had stops reading after 60, after that, it just says low, and when I tested her blood, it just said low. Thats enough for me to believe it has effects on some diabetics. I do know some other diabetics that it does't really bother at all, but it does change their blood level a little bit. I'm not saying it affects all diabetics, but I do know it does some. That good enough explanation? I hope so, I hate using yahoo or google when I'm high :smoke: Hope that was good enough, later.

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