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Diabetes and Cannabis.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Cheshire Cat, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. I heard somewhere that when you smoke marijuana, it lowers your blood sugar level which is what causes the increase in hunger.
    Wouldn't the decrease in blood sugar be a positive reaction for diabetic patients? Unless Medical Marijuana is already being recommended for patients with Diabetes, I have no clue.
  2. i'm pretty sure diabetes if you get low blood sugar and THAT isn't good. i don't have it but my best friend does.

  3. Some people with diabetes need higher blood sugar while others need lower, there are different types of diabetes.
  4. so is that what they mean by "the bad one?" haha i had no idea that just blew my mind.
  5. my friend's dad in hawaii has diabetes and he gets medical for it so idk. it probably depends on the case
  6. im a type 1 diabetic and i smoke to keep my shit level. ive been hospitalized twice this year for high sugar and weed keeps it from going to far either way. saved my life actually. im completely insulin dependant(always on it) and im looking into getting med in new mexico. anyone think i have a case?
  7. See the first link in my sig? Click it, then scroll down to the "D"s for a couple of pages of links to studies and articles on diabetes.

    Cannabis helps to prevent diabetic retinopathy (a major cause of blindness in adults) and eases diabetic neuropathy (the pain, tingling or numbness that diabetes can cause). Some studies suggest that cannabinoids may actually prevent some cases of diabetes!


    Granny :wave: (a type 2 diabetic)
  8. thanks! im going to talk to my dr. about it because i have some shit eye problems and i'vefound no better medicine!
  9. As long as they are managing their diet and meds (if applicable) it's not a problem. I know quite a few who use it medically and recreationally.

  10. Unfunny
  11. I think you have to be very well placed with how you handle it. I have type 1, and don't take care of it as well as I should, so I don't think I could get a card. I imagine that it's used as a last defense method.
  12. My brothers a diabetic, they are not attempting to have low sugar or high sugar, they want to balance their sugar to "normal" so if they're body's glucose (sugar) levels are low they need to eat something with sugar or carbs, carbs digest to sugar, when the sugar is high they take insulin shots to bring it down. And yes diabetics have bad blood circulation problems which lead to blindness or amputations of feet and such. Soooo yes I can see the medical benefits of how marijuana with its effects of opening up vessels and such thus increasing blood flow, (which is why we get blood shot eyes) would help a diabetic.
  13. I'm a Type 2 Diabetic, and insofar have not really found a significant affect on my blood sugar from Cannabis alone. Whether or not this will change over time, or even to my knowledge, is completely up to my body and its reaction to smoking, but I just manage with diet and exercise for the time being.

    Still, I've read many studies that suggest long-term use can mitigate the surfacing of Diabetic Retinopathy, which is a later complication with Diabetics.
  14. I'm a Type2 diabetic with peripheral and gastric neuropathy and have a Doctors rec. I haven't noticed if mmj helps with sugar levels, but thats not why I use it.
    It does help with the neuropathy, especially the gastric neuropathy.
    I also have insomnia and swear by it.
  15. Check out this link Cannabis Cures Cancer - "Run From The Cure" The Rick Simpson Story to watch how Phoenix Tears Hemp Oil created by Rick Simpson of Canada can Cure Cancer and he mentions that it has helped those with Diabetes.....even gotten them off having to take insulin...

    This is a Non-smoking method that is amazing if you can afford to do it, and I do believe that in several places it is a qualifying condition to receive a medical card.

    I am glad that you have found a safe medicine that works for you, wouldn't it be great if it was accepted in our society?
  16. Typical reaction to cannabis by diabetics:

    First of all, the best results are from eating rather than smoking.

    You want to use a eating method that doesn't add sugar. ie avoid brownies.

    Second you would want to use it as a medicine. Not just take a puff when you feel like it.

    In most cases, the medicine is consumed one hour before bed time. Every night.

    The third day is when drops in blood sugar is noticed.

    Low blood sugar can result if other diabetic medicine is added.

    I know of several type 2 diabetics that have been able to get off insulin.
  17. I`m not totaly sure but I think your a little off on one part of your description. Diabetics have a problem with high blood sugar while a hypoglycemic person has a problem with their body not absorbing enough sugar from the foods they eat thus need to either eat more or take medication to raise their blood sugar.
  18. Actually many diabetics have to watch for both high and low sugar. It's not quite the same as a person with hypoglycemia, but because of the diet and treatments diabetics need to guard against their blood sugar falling too low as well as rising too high.
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    Interesting, I didnt know that and I`m a type 2 diabetic. Once in a while my blood sugar will get a little low from either waiting to long to eat after taking a Metformin pill or not eating foods high enough in sugar and carbs to keep my blood sugar at a good level.

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