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dhn the cookies, dhn jillybean with pro-grow 400

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Gr1mrreefer510, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Hey all, I got my secret Jardin darkroom2 120 grow tent, and my pro-grow 400 by hydroponics hut.

    I will be growing from clones, mainly dark heart nursery.

    2 jillybean( top 2)
    The cookies (other 2 on the left row)
    Blueberry cheese and agent orange (on the right row)

    Soil- foxfarm ocean forest. 90%OF, 10% perlite.
    5 gallon pots
    Foxfarm nutrient line, bigbloom, growbig, tigerbloom
    240 cfm inline fan 6 inch by 8 ft. Aluminum Duct
    One oscilatting fan

    Will be updating as they grow!


  2. Looks like a nice setup, buddy. I've been looking at jillybean for a little while now with great interest, so it'll be nice to see how that turns out for you. Also I just discovered the pro grow series LED lights and have my heart set on a 400 for flower and a 260 for my mothers. That's what led me to your post!

    Will be checking back frequently.
    Good luck
  3. Thanks for checkin it out man. Jillybean is a great strain and this is my first time growing them.I am excited to see how these plants turn out during flower. Hopefully my 400 can cover 6 plants in a non SOG setup, if not a few CFLs later on might be good for supplemental lighting. Posting more pics today!
  4. Okay here we are, a little over 2 weeks after planting the clones and 18-6 dual-spectrum setting on the pg. They were all topped 7 days ago.

    The Agent orange and the jillybean are doing the best. The cookies are growing like nothing I have seen. All off the main stem, not branching out but producing a ton of bud sites. It's almost like every node is producin a site without topping. If anyone knows why this could be, let me know. I can't wait to see how it flowers.

    Here they are
    Left to right, starting at the front
    The cookies, agent orange, the cookies #2, blue cheese, 2x Jillybean.


    And heres the cookies I am talking about. Weird growth but cool!


    And Jillybean is beast. One on the left is a giant. That one was left untopped. Will keep updating! Thanks for watching.

  5. Looking good. Like really good and healthy, nice to see you're taking good care with the grow. Jilly does look like you have a winner there! On the cookies, did you get them as clones or from seed? If they're clones from the same mother they might share a neat little genetic anomaly, but then again that might just be how they like it. Can't hurt to see what they look like when they grow up :)
  6. Nice grow you have there. How long are you planning on vegging them for?

    I have a Pro Grow 260 and I love it so far. I don't think you'll have to worry about a Pro Grow 400 covering 6 plants. From what I've read, the Pro Grow 260 can cover 5 (depending on size/height I'm sure) plants, so I doubt the 400 will have trouble.

  7. Thank you! I plan on vegging for another 2 weeks. Is this your first grow with the 260? I almost got the 260x instead but I figured the 400w progrow at the same price was better.

  8. Yes, this is my first grow with the 260. My first grow ever in fact.

    I was looking at the 260x because it would be quieter, but needed to save money for other things.

    Besides, the 4" inline with carbon air filter makes roughly as much noise as the 260, but in a different pitch. Fortunately I haven't had to use it yet as the strains I'm growing don't seem to stink much, though that will change during flower I'm sure.

    I'm actually looking at getting the X5 300w down the road and using the 260 for vegging, but that's a while away as it is not cheap.
  9. Subbed! I'm fascinated with Jillybean, so I look forward to seeing how they develop. So far so good, keep up with the nice pics. Love the hue that the led is putting out...nice blue! Nice to have the ability to switch spectrums like that.
  10. Okay guys here are some pics. Last week of veg.
    Agent orange, blue cheese, jillybean x2, the cookies x2








    Gonna switch to 12:12 in 4 days
  11. Looks like the pro grow is doing a great job. I don't know how there are still people out there who say LEDs don't grow. Thanks for the update :)
  12. Yea it is looking nice :), can't wait to send em into flowering. Almost got impatient but I had the plan to flower exactly 1 month from planting the clones. So I'll just stick to it. Also note, with Leds require hardly any watering. Maybe once every week at the most. 7-9 days. It's because theres barely any heat emitted by them. Unlike hps metal halide or the sun which you water 2x a week sometimes. It could be easy to overwater and cause budrot. So about every 7-9 days give em a nice watering, enough to wet the roots and a lil more for growth. Also have a damprid hanging now, hoping it will help dry the soil a little quicker and prevent mold when I flower. Thanks for watching
  13. I didn't even think about the change in watering needs. Makes sense though. Great tip, thanks!
  14. They are 2 1/2weeks into flower. I ran into a few issues with the weather and humidity. Kept peaking at around 70-75% humidity which is BAD because mold can grow over 50%. i got some powdery mildew on all my plants, but fought it off with some homemade spray. Its like one drop of dish soap in a bottle of water with a tiny hint of bakin soda. Be careful though it may burn a few hairs so spray with water few hours later to wash off. The 2 damp rids help and leaving the window open 24/7, now the humidity is usually 40-55% in my tent. I have a dehumidifier on the way to replace the damprids and keep it below 50. Oh yea and my girl scout cookies were straight up males. Not even hermy. So that's why they grew weird. Threw em away as they're useless, that was a bummer and never happened to me before. Here are some pics of Agent Orange, Blue Cheese, and Jillybeans :)




  15. Hey man, thanks for the update! I think you need to have a talk with whoever you got the clones from about those males... That's a huge deal and its a good thing you know your stuff. Also eeek PM! That stuff is horrible, best of luck fighting it! Looking good otherwise, that pro grow seems to be providing great for the plants. I wish I could be growing right now and your updates are getting me through it. :)
  16. Update! Now in Week 5 flowering! With the space and light availability, I realized 4 plants are perfect for this 400w led pro-grow.

    Blue cheese, jillybean1, jillybean 2, and agent orange




  17. Nice girls!
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    Week 8 flowering begins tomorrow. So 1 -2 weeks til harvest. They all got flushed 1 week ago. Pics are jillybean 1, jbean 2, blue cheese, and agent orange. Thanks for watching!




  19. Hows the j bean grow?
  20. Looks tasty, man. I'm excited for you lol

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