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  1. Here is a documentary on "the Buddha Boy" in Nepal. I was talking about him with Melt the other day, and this was posted on another forum today so I just thought I was shared. It certainly does a good bit to dispel some rumors such as that the donations are going to making his family rich, etc.

    Buddhism The Boy With Divine Powers in Nepal
  2. thats crazy. but even buddah said not to deprive yourself of things you need, but to find balance.
  3. Watching it now, I was curious who he was so I did a google search and found this lol
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    Yes, I'm well aware of this. Notice it is from 2010, why the lack of a follow up with the court hearing etc.? With this mans fame in Nepal, you would imagine this would be big news and there would be a follow up after the "allegations".

    It would appear nothing came of it, most likely because it never happened and it is alike to a tabloid saying how Britney Spears is in alliance with aliens and wolf boy. Also, in a country of poverty people want money.

    Regardless, the man is scientifically documented to have gone a period without food or water that would kill all of you, and that is the key point.
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    No, that's not the key point. The point is that he's been heralded as the next Buddha for allegedly sitting still and taking no food for 96 hours. Other film crews that went to see him were denied physical contact with the boy (who didn't show up at the base of the tree on heat-sensitive cameras) and doctors were not allowed to go near him. Strange that...
    Every meditator is potentially the next Buddha, he hasn't made it. All he had (not has, he only did the tree thing for 10 months) is his hope. I don't really think that that amounts to a lot TBH.

    "...Ram Bahadur Bomjon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    "Bomjon has admitted to slapping some local villagers on July 22, 2010. The incident took place in the Bara district and police have been involved in the investigation after 17 complaints. Bomjon claimed that the locals were interrupting him and was "therefore forced to beat them."

    "...After release from Bomjon, local people registered a complaint against him at the police station. The police is enquiring now about the incident. In the meantime, Bomjon rejected the charges by the local villagers. “When they entered our camp, I asked our volunteers to arrest them. I physically assaulted villagers when they did not respond to my call not to disturb me,” said Bomjon, in a press conference. “I will not attend police station in this case.”

    Local people are putting pressure on police to book Bomjon for his misdemeanor and they have already lodged the protest against malpractice conducted by Bomjon."

    So I guess he didn't make enlightenment just yet.

    The reason there's not a big follow up is that he doesn't have as much fame as you might think. There are tens of people in India proclaiming themselves as gurus and second comings, there always have been. This boy is just one of many, and his exploits raise far less eyebrows over there than they do here, hence the mockery by locals.

  7. I keep forgetting to say. If the boy experiences enlightenment he will have reached Kensho, not Satori (lasting realisation) or Buddhahood.

  8. Ah ok. Like I said in the other thread, I don't have any particular position about him, just saw the video and posted it here. Wasn't aware that there was an actual conference, figured it was just some bogus "well this villager said he admitted to it, so we'll quote it as if it was him saying what the villager told us he said".

    I dunno, I'd get pretty irritated if I was trying to meditate and crowds of people gathered around me bickering amongst themselves.
  9. Idk dude he sounds kind of like a dick. Or a pimp. Next we will hear about his prostitution business and how he slaps his hoes...

    "Bitch, don't tell me this while I'm trying to meditate, yo.":D

  10. Pack up your computer and bring it back to the shop.
  11. One boy beating 17 adults is impressive.

  12. It's not like adults are going to hit a kid. That's illegal bro.

  13. Ahh me bad.

    Illegal...word of choice for the brain washed.
  14. Will you please elaborate as to why you think I'm brainwashed when I merely pointed out that beating children that aren't your own is illegal?
  15. This is in Nepal. Isn't having sex with children legal in Thailand or somewhere like that? Not the same laws.

    Also, upon asking my Masters about him beating the villagers, it indeed did happen and I was told why, and it was a very good reason, and any of you would have preferred to be beaten up than what could have occurred if they were to continue doing what they were doing. However, that is not something to be discussed on here.
  16. Didnt he attack them simply because they interrupted his meditation and tried to mimic him? Thats what I read anyway.
  17. They were being generally rude and smoking around him and didn't listen to him politely requesting them to leave, they sorta had it coming. If they knew what would have happened if he'd ignored them they would be glad they just got smacked a bit.

  18. lulllzzz
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    It was he and his attendants who attacked villagers.

    "...The president of the Nepal Buddhist Council said claims by his supporters tha he was a reincarnation of Siddartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, were not credible.

    "We do not believe he is Buddha. He does not have Buddha's qualities," said Mahiswor Raj Bajracharya, president of the Nepal Buddhist Council, a centre for Buddhist study and research in Kathmandu.

    "He may have achieved great heights in meditation, but that alone does not make him a Buddha. A Buddha needs life experience, a young man who has not seen the world at all cannot be a Buddha," said Bajracharya.

    At the height of Bomjam's fame, a French TV crew filmed the youth eating fruit and an AFP correspondent caught him napping...."


  20. Yep....that would be the bottom line.....Also...just his reaction about people bothering says that he's already hung up on his little big ego....haha

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