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  1. I'm back six fucking months in jail for what possession. Of medical marijuana in Texas for got I had an with in my car I'm from new Mexico and got pulled. Over so now I have. To start over all welcome. And hello to all last grow died cause. My ladies. Got no attention. This time I'm growing auto blueberry. Mkage kc brains choice kandy kush xakunk pure Afghan Buddha Tahoe. Delahaze. White widow. Blue widow. Purple haze and sssdh lets see what happens. All right everyone grab a splif sit back and growany one have any input. Please help I am using 2 400 Watt. Mh. Lamps 2 high output. T12 four bar cfl and a 1000 way led. I'm using BC bud nutes root 66 magicale. And a bunch of other shit. Soil is new Mexico black gold by the people. At fox farm cause the factory is right up the road from me and I work there seeds are from attitude. Seed bank cost me 98 bucks who's ready started this morning. So far 4 auto blueberry. 9 kandy. Kush and will start others here shortly. Waiting on my cubes to soak can only soak thirteen. At a time I have 70 beanz. To work with. Thanks amen of dgk420575
  2. Misses original. Post by 8 min splif got in the way
  3. Subbed. Want to see some results. :smoke:
  4. Me too I lost a total of fifty girls when I went to jail
  5. How do post pics

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