DG fritted disk = too much diffusion?

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    Im considering picking up a David Goldstein fritted disk tube. The piece comes with a male joint then you're given a female adapter for flower, so it was obviously made for concentrates but I'm wondering why such a heavily diffused piece would be used for concentrates. Wouldn't the intense amount of diffusion re-solidify some of your vapor and ultimately clog the fritted disk rather quickly, both creating drag and resulting in a less potent hit? Maybe I'm over thinking the whole diffusion thing, but before i buy a piece that i would want to dab out of i wanted to know what your guys' thoughts were on the DG tube as a dab setup.

  2. I've seen tubes meant for flowers with the male joint.some makers just use them I guess,I don't think it's only for oil rigs.
  3. thats true, this piece does come with a female adapter for flower. But my question is.. if the perc is designed for flower, why even bother putting a male joint on it when the majority of people out there are using your standard male slide
  4. i have the DG micro bub. i have stop using it for dabbing. i would get higher off the same size dab from my mobius then i would on my DG.
  5. dosnt make sence, costs more to make those adapters for the 24mm joints
  6. I to have the dg can and find that it's smooth for flowers but not the greatest for Dab. It's good but not what I would get if you want a strictly dab piece. That being said it is a dank piece
  7. good to know. sounds like if i get this piece it'll be used strictly for flowers. My micro 7/13 will continue to be used for my dabs. (even that is SLIGHTLY too diffused for my taste lol)

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