Dg 65Mm Fritted Disc Pics- Looking For New Bubbler As Well.

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    So I purchased a David Goldstein 65mm Fritted Disc with the flared hex foot, I love this Bong...But now I would like to add a bubbler to my collection I was wondering if anyone could possibly recommend me a good bubbler that they enjoy...Thanks much for your time and concern.
    I posted 2 pics of my DG they arent the best pictures the cam im using is shitty.
    Bubbler Choice #1: Mobius 60mm stemless bubbler w/stereo matrix perc
    Bubbler Choice #2: Syn Hydrant Bubbler
    Bubbler Choice #3: 2012BC (not sure which one i'd like to get heard nothing but good things about this company)


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  2. All of those sound like very good options curious about the syn but I'd really like to own a stereo matrix

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  3. my 2 full sized tubes are a DG fritted and a 65mm mobius stereo matrix, so i feel confident you would be happy with a matrix bubbler.  not a big fan of the syn one, or reverse percs like that in general, the few my friends have that are designed like that are our least used pieces.  havent seen what bubblers 2012bc has out now but its solid glass from what i know, thats prob what i would buy if i were looking for a new bubbler and had those 3 choices only, but thats only cause i already own a stereo matrix tube.
  4. awesome thanks for the replies I appreciate it a lot they make a 65mm stereo matrix bubbler? only one I came across was the 60mm

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  5. Mobius makes a 65 and 60mm tube as well as a 60mm bubbler.
    If you are going to buy mobius (or really any piece) check it out at a shop.  I bought a matrix disc bubbler online and there are bubbles in the bridge.
    I also have a DG tube.  After using it awhile I'm not a huge fan, too airy, no chug.  Super smooth but that much diffusion takes all the taste out.  And I kind of feel the stereo matrix might be the same way.  Of course this is all just personal preference.  When I started getting into glass I made the mistake of getting pieces that were too similar.  Nice to have a little variety is all.  Hopefully you live close enough to a decent lhs and can do some water tests.
  6. I'm honestly just looking for a awesome bubbler if not that ill wait a bit longer and get a pillar haha but I really want a bubbler to taste the flower because with my DG tube u can't it is rediculously smooth though but I don't want to always use that would love too add a bubbler to my collection

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  7. Rocket science talk. I just poke a hollow tube in a gatorade bottle and get high like they do on Wilfred.
  8. Have you thought about maybe a toro mini 7/13, or one of their micros?  I like how the mouth piece on the small toros flares out so much, just makes it more comfortable IMO.  I water tested a double micro (I think it was a circ to frothalator), pretty impressed with it.  Then again, I really like a piece that has some chug to it.
    When Circle was making the retis and matrixes (or should it be matrices?)  I was impressed with his stuff but this past year I think he's fallen off and needs to bounce back.  Really?  Your new designs are the matrix disc, penta disc, and diamond disc?  You did the same thing and just had different shaped cuts in the discs...wow.  That and I see more and more mobius pieces with really noticeable flaws.  That said, the only mobius piece I would have any interest in whatsoever is the one you picked.  I like the shape of that bubbler.  The only thing I don't like about it is the mouth piece, I don't really like any of the mobius mouth pieces other than the normal full on tube ones like on the stratos.
    The other small piece I was looking at was a hamms waterworks recycler.  The twisted coroilus sputnik and the twisted windowpane are sick.
  9. awesome thanks mogwi ill for sure check those toros out I really appreciate it a lot

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  10. A toro would be 500 plus homie. That bubbler is so rare man. Try and get the single matrix bubbler, they are almost impossible to snag, but the stero matrix bubbler a ghost.
  11. depends on where you are.  If you're looking to buy online then yeah it's hard, look up mobius' site and check the authorized dealers.
    I found 2 dealers that were 2 hours away from me.  I gave em a ring and asked them what they carried, found out they had mobius and sovereignty so I made the trip.When I went to the shop they had a bunch of stuff....stratos, matrix, stereo matrix, reti percs, stem lines, pillars.  If you're willing to travel around and make a bunch of phone calls you'd be surprised what you can find. A toro is 500 but that bubbler is 4-something, so I think they are within the same price class.
  12. my DG was 500 I'm not worried about the price tag I am having a hard time finding the mobius stereo matrix 60mm bubbler I found one place a good hour and a half away from me when I get back home I'm going to give them a call pillars I can't find anywhere which sucks

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    Yeah, I drove 2 hours to the one shop I was talking about.  Check your pm, I might have found one for you.  I actually found like 3 but 2 are only for trades.  One is a trade for toro or peyote pillar, the other is only for trade for a pillar.
    This is why I tell people that desirable higher end glass (olympic, sg, toro, mothership) is worth buying over zob, or syn stuff.  You don't see anyone trying to trade anything good for a zob.  One guy is willing to trade both a 65t and a 65b (my mistake above, I guess they do make a 65b).  There's no way I'd make that trade as having those 2 tubes is redundant but I think I could get a 65b plus 500 cash, or 2 pieces plus cash for my pillar.

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