dfference in xanax tablets

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    so i was getting circular blue xanax which i beleived to be 1 mg's
    and i just picked up blue football shaped xanax and payed the same price
    but arent the footballs only .5 mg's, or were the circle ones .5 as well

  2. the circle ones are .5, the footballs are 1mg
  3. they are both the same thing the only thing different is the binders

    EDIT: didnt see the mg difference
  4. Aside from the facts the 2 people above stated, I believe one is also generic and one isn't... Can't remember which ones are generic though, but I'm leaning toward the footballs as generic
  5. he just told u it all there are quite a few generic 1mg xanax out there both 1mg

    i want sum now

  7. This is true too.

    If it says xanax on the pill, like "xanax 1", then it is not generic. If it doesn't it probably is. I pick up blue footballs that have the print "GG 258" which is 1mg generic xanax. Really doesn't make a difference, but yeah.
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    I used get footballs that were xanax but they were pink and .5mg

    All circles are generic I think. Usually Mylans
  9. yeah there PEACH there .5 I used to get a whole script for like 20 buks from some guy i knew but you got to take like 16 for 4 bars
  10. mmm

    gg249 bars...
  11. [quote name='"TaBbYNChRiS"']I get 90 2mg bars a month and the name brand Xanax r footballs except the bar but some generics r footballs as well[/quote]

    And another 2009 bump.

    Against the rules
  12. Read the rules bro, that's what.

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