Dextro-amphetamine prices?

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  1. Well I am prescribed dextro-amphetmine since I have an EXTREMLY high tolerance to stimulants, no adderall, concerta, caffience effects me at all.

    So I need this shit that is just about as strong as coke from experience and pretty much legal crystal meth.

    I have 10mg capsules that are time release but you can break them up.

    Easily can keep someone up 24-36 hours if you take 2+.

    Anyone ever bought these before? or gave them away? if so for how much?
  2. the holy grail of stimulants, IMO, nice.
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    what do they prescribe dextro-amp for?
  4. adhd since i am immune to adderal and concerta
  5. how do stimulants help?

    im just curious as it seems to me like jacking up somebody whos already jacked up is similar to

    giving viagra to cure teenage horniness
    (not a crime btw)

  6. Thats a good question. They gave me ( a third grader at the time) ritalin, and that just turned me into a more hyperactive, more violent, way more out of control little kid.
    Not a good idea.
  7. adderall 30 XR's go for around $5 where i am..sometimes higher or lower depending on the person. if the dex-amp is better i doubt youll have any problem getting $5 a piece for them even if they are only 10mg caps.
  8. Have you ever taken them? They make me reallllllly focused, so thats probably why they are used with people with adhd, I don't have it but I do have a really short attention span so I can see how it helps.
  9. yea the upper pills docs give to adhd and add patients only make them focused as hell
    (i have adhd) and i get medidate 30mg caps and take about 4 and ill be focused all damn day i sell them for about 5 bucks each to people at school.
  10. I used to be prescribed this stuff when I was younger, I never realized until they took my script away that it actually says dextro-amphetamine on the bottle, then I knew what it was.
  11. I paid $4 a pill for the 20 mg tabs last semester on a few occasions, but if you're marketing to college students, i bet they'd pay some pretty rediculous prices when finals and midterms roll around. Seems like everyone on my campus is hopped up on some sort of amp, methylphenidate, or phentermine during exam weeks.

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