Dexter Season 5

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  1. Dexter is my favorite show. Simply put, its incredible
    I'm STOKED about season 5 premiering tonight. Who's going to be watching it?

    Tonight's the night. And it's going to happen again, and again. It has to happen.
  2. i'm sooo excitedddd

    i still haven't finished season 4 actually, i've got a few episodes left to watch til the premiere tonight... homework can wait.
  3. I'd highly suggest not watching the premiere until you finish Season 4 if you run out of time

  4. I agree. Season 5 is starting off of the finale of season 4. Just finish your last few episodes and catch season 5 online
  5. well i know what happens at the end of season 4 (rita)... i don't have cable, though, so i probably won't watch the premiere until later this week. don't ruin it!!!!
  6. :wave: Super stoked!
  7. omg good reminder!

    i would have forgotten about it.

  8. Oh, we wont. Don't watch any previews of season 5 if you haven't already. Watch em! GO GO GO!

    YES I'm SO excited!!! Only an hour and a half to go!

  9. Does not compute...
    I've had a countdown for the past 3 months
  10. It was incredible! Thats why Dexter is my favorite show
  11. Cali here... starts in 10 min! Glad i didnt see any spoilers from the east coasters.
    Oh- I am excited.
  12. LOL Dang, thats a long tme to anticipate Mr.Morgan

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