Dexter Gordon's "GO"

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    This is a CLASSIC album...Dexter is probably my largest bop tenor influence, moreso than Coltrane or Rollins. I love his laid back time, the tone, and the way he doesn't have to play fast to get his ideas across. Dexter always plays with a comical tone, and it is especially obvious the Mexican Hat Dance at 6:09 in "Love For Sale". The rhythm section holds the entire album down, and it swings real hard.

    The reason I talked a lot about Dexter in this post is that he holds a special place in my heart. "Cheese Cake" was the first song I ever transcribed...I was 16, and I memorized it and then wrote it down so I can still look at it today. Last year, I ended up working on "Second Balcony Jump". After analyzing his playing on there (trying to learn how Dexter THOUGHT about his solos, not just licks) my rhythm changes chops got a lot better. It was definitely a nice break from all of the Coltrane and Rollins that my teacher was assigning.

    What do you guys think about this album? About Dexter? Is GO a classic in your eyes as well?

    Thanks to the vaporizer & bubbler for aiding me in thoughts :cool::hello::cool:
  2. Yeah, I LOVE this album. Every track. Sonny Clark is so killin' and Billy Higgins is on it too I think. I'm sure you expected this responce from me, but yeah.

    His tone is ridiculous...

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