Dev's CFL first Grow - Started 7/12

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    Doing a pure CFL grow but still not sure if I want to add MPS at the flower stage yet. 6500K for veg, 2700k for flower. Should I add a mix of color temps somewhat or keep it exclusing during each phase? I have read different opinions.

    Started with 7x23w Sylvania CFL's bought at Lowes along with 7 75w Shades. Placed 18 individual seedlings into 17 solos cups (one had twins). As you can see, 6 lights around the base for now and 1 hanging over head (not shown).

    Here are the 1st few pics:

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  2. Week 2 - 7/25
    Leaves are forming nicely, here are a couple of snaps.

    Also, picked a SoilMaster for Lumens, pH and Water. Are they accurate anyone know?

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  3. Week 3 - 7/30 (and a couple snaps from 8/1 with more flowers and vent exit)

    After buying the soilmaster, seems we were over watering. We bought chicken wire to lift the solo cups off the bottom of the ground to allow better flow and airation.

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  4. That ph tester was the first one I bought. What a piece of absolute monstrous shit that thing was. maybe it'll work for you. But hey! Good looking grow regardless
  5. Yea I had the same one before I trashed it and got a digital PH pen, much better. good luck on your grow! looks good :hello:
  6. Some more pics from 8/4 and 8/11. Things are moving along. Add some liquid fert into the diets.

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    Week 5 - 8/15/08

    Ok, its transplant time. Switch from Solo Cups into 5L pots. Too bad we went out and bought lights of america 100w CFL's. Yeah, they are a screw in CFl that NEEDS its own ballast... So these pics are low on light which I read that isnt TOO bad since they were just transplanted. On hindsight, I think transplanting quicker should've been does as they blew up as soon as transplanted. Transplanted on Friday 8/15 and also added some pics from Sunday 8/17 to show how much the transplant helped even with the limited lumens.
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    Grow is looking great rep+, Though i would transplant soon. Oh never mind seems that you did already.
  9. Whoops, clicked submit before adding the pix.

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  10. Week 5 (mid week) - 8/18/08

    Ok, finally decided on lights layout. Got 12 CFL sprials, 1 on each plant. Going to add T8 tubes soon for efficiency.

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  11. Week 6 - 8/22/08

    Added 2 2x32w T8 tube fixtures for more lumens. Here are some High Res Pix.

    Is it too late to LST this shown stem?

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  12. Sweet Set-up bro ....
    Looks awesome so far ....
    Can't wait 2 see them in the future ....
    Be sur 2 keep us up 2 date ....
    Also check out my CFL grow I just finished up ....
    Its Called ... First CfL grow...But not first grow by far ....

    Keep up the good work man ...
    Best Regards EazyGreen ..........:D:smoking::D
  13. Make it easy to find and put it in your comment! :smoking:
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    Things are going well although I am upset I I did not find this forum sooner to learn about the LST method. My stems are thick and resistant to change. I added a humidifier as things were dryer since adding the 2 2x32W T8 tubes.

    Also, the funk was on the rise so we created this great little filter. Cost about $20 and uses Active Carbon. Can't smell anything anymore. I'm thinking the soil we got is over ferting. Notice the tips'a'curling as well as some yellow spot. Its not too bad though so hopefully they can power through it! Goo Green! :hello:

    Also, as for an exclusive CFL grow, I think we decided that HPS would be best for flowering so we are looking into that. Any suggestions? I have seen a few 100W flood lights at HD for $70 and some 150W street lights at Lowes for $75. Any thoughts on getting a couple of those? ..or should I bite the bullet and risk it to order a 400W HID system?

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  15. I must say bro, I love your set up, nice fixture, and beautiful plants, cant wait to see your harvest!!!!
  16. looking good and it seems it was a slow start but it has picked up now. pics of some nodes and height would be good.
  17. Thanks kneedeep. It's me and my friends 1st time and we are just trying all sorts of different setups to see what works best.

    mjboy, I can't show height as we are trying to implement the LST method, however I can tell you the taller one's are about a foot while the short ones are from 8-10" (the ones in front are shorter, the ones in back next to the mirror are the beasts of the bunch.

    Here is a pic of nodes as requested. Is this what you wanted to see or are you looking for something different?

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  18. They look nice man. Ditch that soil probe and get a General Hydroponics pH control kit. They go for about $15.00

    Unless it is strain specific, I'd say that purple indicates your pH is off.

  19. I actually have another cheapy soil pH tester and the both point to around 6.8pH.

    I do plan on getting a digi pen, infact my cohort and I are taking a much needed trip to a hydro store that I just found only like 15 mins from my place. We are making that trip later TODAY. ;)

    The purple is a bad sign? It appears with this seed that the stems start purple and as they thicken they become green. Anyone have any strains that acted like that? This is my 1st grow so I have no experience to go on here.
  20. nice garden!

    purples fine, sometimes it means they are getting a bit cool but thats strain dependent too

    You can do a lot to a plant during veg to train them, it's almost never too late to lst or whatever but since this is a first time out just let them grow, looks like you have plenty of plants

    unless height is an issue - you should allow for double to triple their height during the first few weeks of flowering

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